Sunday, March 14, 2010

JAGATJIT INDUSTRIES -End Of Disputes may change its fortunes

The brand ‘Aristocrat’ is familiar even  for the non 
drinkers but the company which makes this brand is 
not much popular among investors. Jagatjit Industries 
is the 600 crore company which makes Aristocrat brand 
liquor.For the past many years company's performance 
badly affected mainly because of some disputes 
between the members of promoter family itself. 
In a landmark judgment company law board instructed 
the main promoter to buy back 5794112 shares 
from the counter party, 
which already completed .The bought back shares were
extinguished and its share capital reduced by that 
extent.This process will give the much needed 
freedom to the management to take crucial decisions
for the growth of the company ,which lacks for the
past many years. Immediately after this important
development company shown excellent performance 
in financial front too.In December qtr Jagatjit
posted a turnover of Rs.192 crore and a profit 
of Rs.3.6 crore v/s a sale of 162 crore and a loss
of 11 crore(excluding other income)in the same 
period last year.This 60 year old company with an 
established brand is worth watching at CMP of
Rs.65/-,and may be a dark horse in the years to come.  


  1. Everybody talking about liquor biz will perform well in the coming years. I request you one more stock Empee Distillery which has many group if they start listing each one of the value unlocking may happen :).

    Thank you :).

  2. Sir the name is Jagatjit and not jagajit...!

  3. sorry,spelling corrected now,thanks



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