Sunday, May 9, 2010

UT Ltd - At last Some Efforts

UT LTD is a manufacturer of Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic valves and cylinders and tipping gears .This company  is located in Kolkata.Company’s products are mainly used in industries like Earth moving equipments,Material handling , mining ..etc. Company was in red for the past two years mainly because of working capital crunch and Laziness of management. But now there is some early signs of good days are visible. Recently company made some changes in its board,bring new funds through preferential issue of shares to the promoter group and others, selling of some unutilized  land to raise working capital ,re-location of another plant ,restructuring of loans to reduce cost of interest, modernization and quality up gradation of plants and introduction of new products ..etc.On the other side there is strong revival in the industries where its products are used. Considering all the above factors ,UT is expected to return to black by next year. The three other listed companies from the hydraulic space(Dynamatic Technologies ,Denison and Yuken India) are performing very well in their working results.  Risk takers can try UT with minimum quantity. Currently it is quoting around Rs.17/-.

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    ARMAN FINANCIAL bse code 531179 seems better choice than Capital Trust.Atleast Arman Financial they have never gone into loss since past many years.I feel recent foray into MFI will bring the company into greater dimension and forthcomming higher NP, thereby, entering into different league like SE Investment.One can steal the opportunity at lower prices and have patience.Management is good and proven.It will go miles after miles.



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