Monday, May 24, 2010

VXL INSTRUMENTS - Changing trends ,Changing fortunes.

VXL Instruments is a known name in Thin client
devices globally. Thin clients are computing
devices that function as an access
device on a network. These solid-state devices
connect over a network to a server where the bulk
of the processing takes place.
Thin clients have no hard drive, allowing for more
secure storage of data and applications on the
server. In fact,keystrokes, mouse events and screen
images are all that is sent between the client
and server. This makes the device much more secure
than a standard desktop or notebook computer.
With no hard drive,fan or other moving parts,
thin clients have a much
longer lifespan than standard computers and use
significantly less power. Lower maintenance costs
are another benefit as software application updates,
virus scanning and patches can be executed on the
server.Deployment costs are also reduced as thin
clients can be remotely configured and do not
need to be set up individually. Break-fix simply
requires replacing the thin client.
The main reason thin clients are better than PCs
is because they offer ‘lower Total Cost of Ownership
(TCO)’. By reducing maintenance and installation time,
thin clients keep downtime to an absolute minimum .
Thin clients can be used anywhere one
would normally have a PC. With thin clients being
less expensive on a per-seat basis, more seats can
be made available.Since servers usually have large
hard drives, the user hard drive space is considerable,
and data backup is simple.
Nowadays acceptability of thin client  devices
are improving in India and worldwide . Even if well
known companies like HP are present, VXL claiming
an 11% share of thin client market world wide.
Company’s latest ‘ITONA’ edition is a hit in
this sector. In the marketing front company having
channel partners in almost all major countries and
it planning to double this number by year end.
In the past company faced a lot
of troubles like low acceptability of product ,
some personnel problems of MD, which eventually led
to his resignation ,working capital crunch ..etc.
But now,company is returning to profitability after
the re-entry of MV Nagaraj as MD and fresh infusion
of funds(company recently issued 66 lakhs shares
to four entities)and appointment of executives
with repute in its international marketing wing.
After a very long period,in December
qtr company back to black.Considering the efforts
taken by the management and changing interest
of customers in favor of its product,it is a
company to watch in the days ahead.
Currently it is quoting around Rs.32/- 


  1. Dear VP,
    Dell was paid 1B$ to acquire wyse technologies, a thin client company in this space, this domain needs a very keen attention because servers are getting extremely powerful (running 1000s of VMs in a single 2u rack server). a small office can manage (~100 desk) with just one server and thin clients config. there is no need for desktops which can bring down costs dramatically.
    before reading this i didnt know there is an indian company that makes these products, thank you for bringing this in to readers attention.
    it looks promising, but taking a bet in tech space is really dangerous :(


  2. Dear VP,
    Got enquired about this with friends, 2004-2005 time company had short on fund and many months salary was missed, at that time wyse started its india development centre and most employees left vxl and joined there. it was a good company and they had contract with railway to supply thin clients to all counters across india.



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