Monday, August 30, 2010


Arun Jyoti Enterprises is a company started
trading in BSE about one month back. Company
operating few Department stores in and around
Hyderabad under the brand name ‘TAAZA STORES’.
Apart from this company is in the trading
activities of agricultural inputs like bio
pesticides and bio fertilizers . Till now ,its
major income is coming from these trading
activities.Company now claiming that it is
aggressively looking for further expansion in
retail segment and backward integration in the
field of cultivation of vegetables in big way
for selling through its own shops. As per the
available informations, even now company is
sourcing part of the vegetables from its own
farms and also have some contract farming
arrangements with farmers. If the promoters
are able to tap the opportunities available ,
this integrated business model may work well
in future. It is not easy to judge the company
on the basis of tracking done in short period ,
but keep watching further developments .For the
last financial year ,company posted a turnover
of Rs.79 Cr and a net profit of Rs.1.21 Cr with
an EPS of Rs.2.40 .This is a low liquid counter ,
currently trading around RS.98/-


  1. ValuePick,
    Could you please 5 potential multibaggers with limited downside. Currenly i am holding Vimal oil,DHP India. Please mail me to

  2. sir you are gr8 but all calls are towards new high

  3. sir

    need your insight on two of your recommended stocks
    Capital trust and Rungta Irrigation.can i buy these stocks at current levels
    also please advice can i buy Ahlcon Parenateral and Poly medicure at current levels


  4. Dear Friend

    Please check out of around 120 stocks recommended so far ,how many reco @ near highs

  5. In case of capital trust ,one may wait till there is some clarity on their fund raising plans.Rungta can consider for long term.Ahlcon Parenteral is still a BUY .Poly medicure earlier recommended at Rs.130,now around Rs.220 try to BUY in a correction,Good to hold for long term

  6. What is the BSE code for this? Would you suggest buy at this level?

  7. Sir,
    Your suggestion on TCI FINANCE please.
    Thanks in advance

  8. Dear VV

    I am not tracking TCI Fin

  9. Please give BSE Code of Arun Jyoti.

  10. Hello Sir, I really appreciate your insight and your knack of picking less known stock at crucial levels.

    I want to know about a stock which I dont know whether you have recomended or not but I am a bit worried about its future.... the stock is Phillips carbon black. I hold 150 stocks at an average price of 208/share

  11. Dear sir,
    would you advice accumulating EPC at current levels or which one is strong buy for short term from your recomended scrips
    and pls advice on cosmo ferrite any good news

  12. dear value pickji
    what is your valuable view on REI AGRO?
    it has beaten down a lot from the highs?
    is it worth long term investment at cmp?

    kindly advice.

    thanks in advance

  13. Dear Saurabh

    I am bit skeptical on RPG Group

  14. Dear Friend

    None of the my recommendations are strong buy for SHORT TERM

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. dear value pick

    what is ur opionion about jai projects and selan exploration?

    does kavveri telecom a potential multibaggar?


  17. sir i already bought DHP 1000 shares at shall i average another 1000 shares at 34/-.pls need ur advice

  18. sir what are your views on ganesh polytext...another less known name, I heard that the company will have a topline of 275 crores
    and an eps of 13.7 .current eps is around 7.7 Still need your advice to get into this stock at this level.

  19. Already commented more than once about DHP

  20. Dear Saurabh

    Ganesh Polytex's new pet recycling business have reasonable potential , may consider for a BUY

  21. sir jee.....we can just watch now.....arunjyoti is locked on the lower circuit.........since dec 1....what to do now.........retail investor is doomed

  22. Is it time to enter this counter. please advice



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