Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sachetha Metals is a small company manufacturing Kitchen utensils,Non stick cookware,Kadai..etc.
For the full year ended March 2011,Company posted a turnover of Rs.52 Cr v/s Rs.45 Cr and a net profit of Rs.92 Lac v/s Rs.62 lacs. At present most of the company's products are low margin items but there is enough scope for expansion into related products with higher margin.Now company is planning to start a manufacturing facility for Aluminium sheets and coils.This backward integration will help the company to save margins to an extent.For the last few months ,promoters are actively purchasing shares from open market .Risk takers may BUY  it at CMP  around Rs.22/-


  1. This company is very interesting and have a good potential to shoot up in the short term . good pick .well done.

  2. Dear vp,
    Thanks a lot for finding excellent script with a value buy price.

  3. Dear VP
    Your view on ARCOTECH ?? I am waiting for
    your comment for making my purchase . Your view is most important for making decision.

    With warm regardss and due respect

    Vakharia M J

  4. This is just amazing how you can find these stocks,thanks for puttin' in the effort.

  5. VP,
    Your views are awaited in this down trends
    please ?? will you guide ?
    Thanks in advance.
    with warm regards and due respect
    Vakharia M J

  6. but u have stopped posting reports ...how ur stocks did say in the last 3 months ....

    few of ur stocks are down very much

  7. Dear Madhu

    Could not gather some info on its promoters,so not in a position to comment

  8. Dear Mahesh

    Ignore the macro factors which are always cyclical in any economy and try to take the advantage of it .

  9. Dear Rishab

    Not stop posting reports but reduced the number . It is not easy to find out good scrips from the mid caps space . Since I don't like posting just to increase the number of posts ,reduced the number.

    If you mean the performance report - As you are aware ,this blog is free of cost and no advertisement is entertained in it. What I mean is ,there is no monetary benefit from this blog for me and hence I need to engaged in other jobs too.So time is a real constraint to prepare performance reports...etc - I think you can understand the situation.

    Third case ,I admit some of the recommended stocks are down .There is various reason like overall crash in stock markets especially in mid-small caps , some company's financial performance not came upto my expectation..etc..If you can mention the scrips specifically ,let us discuss it.




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