Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kennametal India (KIL), formerly WIDIA INDIA is a
part of Kennametal Inc, USA and this Indian unit
is located at Bangalore . Company is a machine tool
major caters to auto and auto related industries,
light and general engineering industries. Its product
portfolio includes Metal & Metalworking Solutions ,
Machine Tools and Engineered Products .Worldwide
recession severely affected the company’s performance
last year and due to lack of sufficient demand
company cuts its production level ,reduce wages and
even shut down its plants for few days in last FY.
Demand of its products are closely linked with the
overall growth of core sector. Company’s customers
include GM, TVS, TELCO ,Yamaha, BHEL,
Northern Railways, Ordinance and Armament factories,
Inter Drill Asia, Escorts, Gabriel, Sterling Tools
and SKF Bearings. Most of the customers are showing
revival in their operations now.Last year Kennametal
posted a turnover of Rs.305 cr. And a net profit
of 28 cr.Company’s year ending is June and for
the half year ended Dec.2009 company’s turnover is
166 cr,and NP is 24 cr.,Which is much higher than
the last year same period.Kennametal is expected
to come back to its previous golden days soon.
This MNC is a buy at current 350 level.


  1. Krishna Lifestyle Technologies....has shown improvement in results on yoy basis ...but dont have idea of other things for the company...please suggest and comment

  2. also Mudra lifestyle is worth buying or not...some people says 65 is the target present price is 45...., results are ok...whats your thoughts...also tell me since FDI investment has been opened in retail sector will it revalue the sector completely like Brandhouse retails etc

  3. Mudra Life is a buy on declines..

  4. Krishna lifestyle is a Tayal group company who caught by SEBI for manipulative trades.Not interested to recommend any company from such groups.will share price move up - is a different matter.Mudra Life is not tracking.Regarding FDI in retail sector,I feels it will give only a sentimental impact .In long run this may cause for intense competition in this sector where margins are very thin even now.

  5. Hi sir thanks for sharing your views



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