Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Acrysil is a known name in Kitchen Sink and Food Waste
Disposer.Recently company launched Kitchen Sinks made
from granite and Quarts ,which is getting good response
from the market.CARYSIL is the brand name of company's
new series of Kitchen sinks. Company also manufacturing
Kitchen Sink accessories like taps ,crockery basket..etc.
Acrysil has recently floated a new subsidiary to start the
production of stainless steel kitchen sinks.Considering
the revival in construction sector especially in housing sector ,
company is expected to perform well ahead.Company is
showing consistent growth over the past many years.
For the full year ended March 2009 company posted a
turnover of Rs.50 Cr and a net profit of 7 Cr .
This translate into an EPS of Rs.27/- on its tiny equity
base of just 2.8 Cr. Company also paid a dividend of 40%
in last year. For the nine month ended Dec ''09 Acrysil
posted an EPS of Rs.17/-(equity has slightly expanded
due to warrant convertion ).Now household appliances
and related sectors are going through a re-rating in
stock market.Keep an eye on this .CMP is Rs.128.25/-


  1. updates of previously covered stocks are the call of the hour?
    Hope you will agree.

  2. Two month is not a time for a real investor

  3. I am also confident about the company's performance and its potential to grow. I started buying this share 9 months ago at an avg. cost of 83 Rs. Hoping to see it doubling within next 3 months.

  4. Will you look into Maxwell Industries?

    kima69, Tasty Bite, moneycontrol board

  5. valueji ,thanks a lot acrysil up 23 Rs,what a recco!!!!

  6. Dear Kima

    Even if they have a good brand name their growth is not so good .Now they are facing stiff competition from companies like Page Industries (JOCKEY brand)and un organised sector. Company is now trading at a P/E multiple above 25.So this FV 2 share is not cheap .

  7. Consumer story is being accepted by market. I think Acrysil will get re-rated.

    Its just matter of time after this correction

  8. yes it re-rated but in opp direction :)

    1. Yes , but only after appreciating more than 20 % from recommended level .



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