Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In a bull market retail investors are not bothered about the quality of stocks but looking only into the price movements.Only in the following bear phase they realize what they really owns. Lot of promoters are really making money in such a market by selling their own shares . Cost for this is only some amount spent for advertisement about never happening projects and some commission to the operators.
                                                                Let us go through the story of  the promoters of one such company BECKON INDUSTRIES.In their earlier avthar its name was AGK COMPUTER SECURE PRINT Ltd which promoted for making computer stationery.Later it diverted the business into a number of fields according to the market fancy in stock market. They are announcing  lot of  plans time to time in each of these fields like education, bio fuel ..etc.About two years ago Beckon announced a warrant issue to some parties(most probably someone related with promoters). But later market crashed and they made an announcement on March 07,2009

As per this announcement they have planned a meeting on March 16, 2009 to take  decision  to refund the initial amount paid for the warrants to the applicants(then 10% of the total amount) . Even a lay man having some connection with the stock market knows,in any circumstances the initial amount can't be  refunded and it should be forfeited ,if they are not paying the balance amount.This is the knowledge of the company secretary of this company in corporate matters. after this announcement I have contacted with the company and got a reply as follows

"We have sought the legal opinion on the matter and in the light thereof the board will decide whether to refund or not the money received before conversion of warrants."

After few days of this incident company through another filing to BSE informed that they have adjourned  the said meeting due to non availability of quorum. It is clear that when the market crashed they tried to take back the money even by violating rules. Thereafter  company  has made a lot of announcements even on a daily  basis .Before entering into this scrip just check anyone of their previous projects materialized so far. They are showing mind boggling results.But I really feels that these results are fabricated and by showing such results and great announcements they are offloading shares to the poor retailers.I cant say share price will not rise  ,because even manipulators can do something in a market like this.BUT ONE SHOULD KNOW THE RISK INVOLVED IN INVESTING IN SUCH SCRIPS BEFORE ENTERING INTO IT.

CMP of Beckon Ind  is Rs.11 /-


  1. Dear value pick,

    Big thanks for you for educating ppl on dirty side of stock market despite great post on value picks.

    Stay healthy :).

  2. FCS software is total spculation ,manipluation.
    Investor should avoid this stock.

  3. But Prashant , investors have already multiplied their wealth in fcs don't forget ..

  4. Most of the money made by Operator not by small investor. If this site is for small investor. Investor caught in speculation script and loose the money .I guess Valuepick site is for pick a good stock(story) . Thanks !

  5. Keeping wealth is difficult than creating wealth.In one or two times some people can made money in this types of scrips , But in my experience it is very difficult to keep wealth for such people ,because this type of scrips work as an addiction and they buy only this type stocks.In the following bear phase all wealth created will be eroded.

  6. Sir,
    One request. If possible, give time to time update on the stocks covered earlier regarding what to do hold/buy more or exit from a particular stock on that date. This will, I think, add value to this blog.

  7. Hi Valuepick,
    Gr8 comments, similar request to VVVV, could you please make a table of your picks and puting all details of recommended price , with buy/hold/buy on decline and sell marked to it, so that we will know when to sell it after we buy on your recommendation, once again gr8 picks.

  8. Dear Friends

    Idea is good , but in practical it is bit difficult.Time is the major constraint, but I will try my level best to inform you ,if any significant development which may affect previous reco.

  9. Hi Valuepick

    What can be 1 year target for ram ratan wires, Can it be a multibagger in longer term > 1 year, I find its praking solution business very promising for cities like delhi, mumbai and bangalore.

    Your views



  10. Dear Amit

    RR PARKON is only a group company of ram ratna group not in Ram Ratna wires

  11. Hiiiii

    I dont agree with your article on Beckons Industries Ltd as i have practicle experience with this scrip and i have already earned 40% and my money is being increasing and they are really doing a great job in energy sector...

    Sorry but not even 1% agree with you

  12. Dear friend

    Thanks for your opinion, everybody has freedom to express their opinion.

  13. Hi valuepick
    There is an article about Beckons on the latest issue of Dalal Street. But while searching on net it is found that many of the projects announced by them havent materialised yet. MOU with punjab etc....
    Is there any significant change in the company ?



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