Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I have recommended a BUY on Camlin fine chemicals on 12 March 2011 @ Rs.56/- which is currently trading around Rs.90/- . Considering the potential of the company , there is enough scope for appreciation even from current level .So one should hold it for long term . Old Report  HERE

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Industries with Cyclical nature offering  excellent opportunities for long term value investors. Cement industry is a perfect example for this . Currently most of the cement companies are going through a  bad situation  because of   over capacity due to slackness in construction activities . Higher cost of funds on account of a series of interest rate hikes and delay in taking decisions  on  various infrastructure projects by governments  due to recent  allegations adding fuel to the fire. But as a vital part of nation building this industry offering fair chances for long term investors. India cements is a south based cement company which is selling its products under three main brands - Sankar , Coromandel and Raasi.Through its  subsidiary, Trishul Concrete Products ,company is offering  ready mix concrete solutions from its  Hyderabad plant.Performance of most of the cement companies from the south were muted due to the reasons mentioned above and the share prices has corrected sharply . Long term sluggishness  in any industry will ends in consolidation and improvements in realisations thereafter. India cement is trying to reduce its  energy cost by commissioning mini  power generation facilities and acquiring coal mines abroad.Benefits of this  efforts are expected to impact positively from next financial year onwards.In addition to the over all trend in Cement Industry , India cement is currently trading at its multi year low mainly because of some external factors too.Company's name is mentioned in the ongoing Kalaignar TV related allegations.The recently changed political situation in its home state is also against the company.As a result of all these negatives, India Cement is currently trading around  Rs.68/-which is its three year low .Considering many facts , India cement is a value buy for investors but only with a long term view. Buy your first lot at current level and add in dips.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


AVT Natural Products is a stock discussed in many investor forums in recent times from a level of Rs.140/- onwards. This world leader in food grade  marigold oleoresin is now trading around Rs.200/- . What catching the attention even after a sharp rise in stock prices in a weak market is the activity of  its promoters. A V Thomas group is a reputed and well known group in  South India and mainly engaged in plantation related businesses.In one sense, they are also known as a conservative group( about business) even if they have rewarded its share holders through continuous dividend payout and a bonus.It is surprise to see that such a group is very aggressively hiking their stake through open market purchases. There is nothing unusual in hiking stake by promoters from open market when market is in a weak situation and stock is available at cheap valuations.But here the story is something different. They have acquired  substantial shares in last month around Rs.150/- through open market operations and now continuing their  purchase even at Rs.200/- which is almost its life time high( after last bonus).There are many possibilities , Company's business is showing robust growth in recent times and its new marketing agreement with US based  Kemin for exclusive supply of marigold oleoresin is expected to bring big business to AVT. It is also known that the  company is going to introduce some more value added products in near future. Currently , promoters are holding close to 70 % of the total equity of this company as per the March share holding pattern. But through the recent open market purchases it is expected to reach near 75 % . We can't predict whether there will be any de-listing offer is planned in future , but can't write off even this chance considering the history of this group . They came out with an open offer for their only other BSE listed company - Neelamalai Agro-  in 2000 at a price of Rs.65 /- but fails to collect the required quantity at that time . Currently, Neelamalai is trading around Rs.386 /- . So anything is possible , let us wait and see ...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

VIKRAM THERMO (INDIA) Ltd - Steady Growth

Indian  pharma industry  is growing steadily over the past many years and it it is expected to do soin future. Along with the sales of big pharma companies , some allied products manufactures  are also showing decent growth.Vikram Thermo is such a company.It is a manufacturer of coating polymers used in pharma industry.Coating for tablets are used mainly for the purpose of  moisture protection, control release ( sustained release), to keep the  flavour and  taste. ..etc .Company's manufacturing facility is located near Ahmedabad with an R & D facility.Other than coating polymers  company is also manufacturing thickening agents and aromatic chemicals.Its 'Drugcoat' brand is one of the well accepted brands in this industry. Company is showing steady growth over the past many years .In FY 2011 , Vikram posted a turnover of Rs.32 Cr v/s Rs.21 Cr and a net profit of Rs.3 Cr v/s Rs.2 Cr. On an equity base of Rs.5.58 Cr ,full year EPS is Rs.5.4/- .It is also a regular dividend payer too.It is a stock to watch for low risk takers aiming steady growth and reasonable dividend yield . CMP is Rs.25/-

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


ION Exchange is one of the few listed players in water management solutions.Company is offering total water management solutions for home and industry needs.Its water purifiers under the brand name Zero- B is a pioneer product in this category.Due to the scarcity of water ,p otential of this industry is immense. ION is a turnkey supplier of these type solutions for various industrial needs. Company having strong alliances with foreign majors for latest technologies in this sector. This list includes Ireland based Butler Manufacturing Services (BMS), French company Elf Antar SA,Swedish firm Nordic Water Products   ..etc. Company having lot of subsidiaries and associate companies . One among them is ION Exchange enviro farms limited .This company is running bio-intensive organic agri-horticulture farms for producing various agri products using organic inputs.Currently it runs organic farms measuring more than 900 acres at various states in India.
Company also marketing its organic products under the brand names ' Organic World' and 'Organic Fresh'. This industry having huge potential in future.  Even if  ION exchange is a pioneer in water treatment and exists for a long period , its financial performance is telling another story .Promoters inability to encash the available opportunities and implementing successful business plans is a real concern.But after a long time company is now showing some hopes . Management is also taking some steps to give more focus on  each divisions and product segments of the company.There is also opportunities for unlocking value in the form of de-merger of non core businesses like Organic farming to a separate entity.For the financial year ended FY 2011 , company posted a turnover of Rs.501 Cr (433 Cr) and a net profit of Rs.6.6 Cr (1.4 Cr) . Considering the opportunities available in the core business and the chances of the  de merger of organic farming business in future  , risk takers can  take limited exposure @ CMP of Rs.135/-

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Multibase India Ltd is originally started operations as Synergy Poly in 1992. Company’s main product is thermoplastic elastomeric compounds includes master batches of synthetic resin, polypropylene, rubber compounds, thermoplastic master batches, silicone rubber ..etc.Company came through a two step change in management control and now a part of Dow-Corning (France)which is a subsidiary of Dow Corning Corporation USA ,a joint venture of American chemical giant Dow Chemicals and Corning Inc ., a world leader in specialty glass and ceramics.Company’s products are used mainly in sectors like Automotive, Personal Care, Personal hygiene,Stationery ,Telecommunications etc. It is unfortunate to see that ,even if the current promoters behind this company are world leaders in their respective fields and the products having good potential in a country like India,they are not giving sufficient priority to this company.As a result of their negligence and overall recessionary situation in past few years led the company into  loss .Last year company moved to profit and  in FY 2010-11 ,company posted a profit of Rs.2.91 Cr and an EPS of Rs.2.31.If the promoters are really interested in this company , the potential is huge for this MNC with the patronage of conglomerates like DOW Chemicals and Corning Inc. Keep an eye on the developments in this company which may be a multi bagger ,only moot question is the attitude of promoters. Currently it is quoting around Rs.31, where even huge loss making MNC’s are trading in three digits.

Saturday, June 11, 2011



ADF Foods is a manufacturer of processed food items like pickles,pastes, chutneys, ready-to-eat curries, frozen parathas, frozen snacks and frozen vegetables ..etc.
Company having two production facilities - one in Maharashtra and other in Gujarat. 95 % of the total income of the company is currently from  exports.  Its popular brands includes 'ASHOKA' ( ready-to-eat curries (Heat & Eat), Frozen Foods (Indian Breads & Snacks), pickles, condiment pastes, mango pulp/slices, chutneys, pappadums, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) ready-to-cook vegetables, and Microwaveable rice ) 'CAMEL' ( Curry powder and Pickles) 'AEROPLANE'(Chutney,currey powder,Pickles,Flavored water) 'TRULY INDIAN'(cooking sauces,cooking pastes, canned food items,ready to eat curries..etc) 'SOUL' ( Ready to eat curries,pickles,mango chutney) .Among these brands ,'SOUL' is exclusively launched in Indian market in last financial year and got good response.Company is adding new countries in its export list every year and also planning to increase the local sale in the years to come.Changing life style of Indians are now favoring ready to eat products and the sales graph of these type products are climbing very well.Such a change in the attitude of public will surely help the companies like ADF.Now company is aiming a turnover of Rs.500 Cr in 5 years.ADF is planning to introduce international cuisine in ready-to-eat formats under the 'SOUL' brand .It is planning  a capex of around Rs.45 Cr to expand production and distribution facilities in a phased manner in next few years. To reduce the cost pressure of its raw materials company have started contract farming recently. Earlier there was some disputes among family members about the brand names of the company which affected its growth earlier ,but it resolved now. Company's recent efforts to introduce more products under new brands are expected to bring more business.Active buying of shares from open market by promoters are also a confidence booster. For the FY 2011 ,company posted a turnover of Rs.112 Cr and a net profit of Rs.18 Cr .On an equity base of Rs.20 Cr ,annualised EPS is close to Rs.9/- Company also having an uninterrupted dividend record for the past five years. It is a fact that its share price in moving in a narrow range for the past many months, but there is every chance for a decent re rating going forward from CMP of Rs.60/- level

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Aunde India is a small company unknown to may of the investors.It is a joint venture between Germany based Aunde Achter & Ebels Gmbh and Faze three of India.Aunde India is a manufacturer of Auto fabrics and its foreign promoter is a leader in automotive fabrics and seating systems. Company having an equity base around 10 Cr and 85 % is held by the promoters.Close to 43% stake is owned by the foreign promoter and the rest by Indian promoters.Company's products are used for manufacturing seats of various type automobiles. Many major players like Maruti,Hyundai,GM,Mahindra .etc are the customers of the company.Company also catering the global needs of Aunde Group.In order to tap the emerging opportunities in auto textile market ,company is now expanding its capacities and upgrading its technology. India is expected to play a major role in automobile industry especially in small car segment in future.This will surely help Aunde in future and the association of global player as a promoter will help to tap the international opportunities.For the nine month  ended March 2011, company posted a turnover of Rs.56 Cr v/s Rs.41 Cr and a net profit of Rs.2.66 Cr c/s Rs.1.41 Cr Company's year ending is in June. Considering the chances of growth in auto sector going forward ,it is a stock to watch for long term investors at CMP of Rs.18/- . Please note that it is a low liquid counter too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Narmada Gelatine is a 50 year old company manufacturing pharma and food grade gelatine.Company started its operations as Leiner-Knit Gelatin Co in 1961 and now controlled by M R Chhabria led Jumbo group.Company is manufacturing Gelatine ,ossein and di-calcium phospate.In pharma sector , a major portion of gelatine is used for manufacturing the outer cover of capsules. Food and pharma grade gelatine consists about 60 % of the total gelatine consumption of the world .The main raw material of gelatine is the bone of animals.Because of pollution control concerns and difficulty to obtain raw materials capacity addition is very slow in this sector . On the other side demand is rapidly increasing from pharma and food sector.Narmada having a good client list and showing steady growth over the past few years. Company is a low debt one with too. It is expected to improve the cash flow in the coming years.For the FY 2011 , company posted a turnover of Rs.91 Cr and a net profit close to Rs.10 Cr .Full year EPS is Rs.23.50.Promoters holding in this company is 75 % and company is hiking the dividend payout every year in last four years.Earlier Jumbo group have some plans to sell this company when it was in trouble.But there is no updates in this matter in recent times.  Even if it happens ,considering the strong position of the company  big foreign players may also interested  and may fetch better valuation .Currently it is trading around Rs.95/- at a P/E multiple of just 4 which is really a valuepick                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have recommended a BUY on Fortis Healthcare @ Rs.138 which is currently trading @ Rs.162/-.Company is showing steady growth and planning aggressive expansion plans. Currently company having a network of 56 hospitals and posted a net profit of Rs.1418.10 million for the year ended March 31, 2011 as compared to Rs 301.40 million for the same period last year. EPS is Rs.3.23. A good scrip for steady return for low risk takers.CMP is Rs.162/-


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