Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Multibase India Ltd is originally started operations as Synergy Poly in 1992. Company’s main product is thermoplastic elastomeric compounds includes master batches of synthetic resin, polypropylene, rubber compounds, thermoplastic master batches, silicone rubber ..etc.Company came through a two step change in management control and now a part of Dow-Corning (France)which is a subsidiary of Dow Corning Corporation USA ,a joint venture of American chemical giant Dow Chemicals and Corning Inc ., a world leader in specialty glass and ceramics.Company’s products are used mainly in sectors like Automotive, Personal Care, Personal hygiene,Stationery ,Telecommunications etc. It is unfortunate to see that ,even if the current promoters behind this company are world leaders in their respective fields and the products having good potential in a country like India,they are not giving sufficient priority to this company.As a result of their negligence and overall recessionary situation in past few years led the company into  loss .Last year company moved to profit and  in FY 2010-11 ,company posted a profit of Rs.2.91 Cr and an EPS of Rs.2.31.If the promoters are really interested in this company , the potential is huge for this MNC with the patronage of conglomerates like DOW Chemicals and Corning Inc. Keep an eye on the developments in this company which may be a multi bagger ,only moot question is the attitude of promoters. Currently it is quoting around Rs.31, where even huge loss making MNC’s are trading in three digits.


  1. If promoters are not interested then y we shud buy???

  2. dear valuepick sir, a very good call from you - ADF foods.hitt UC today. can we get some more oppurtunity to accumulate this gem at your recommended price?

  3. what is your view Jaihind Projects Ltd??
    It is trading at a PE of 3.5, order book worth 500 crores.
    is it a good pick at this level.

    need your frank opinion.
    do you suggest buy at this stage for a investment of 2 to 3 years.

  4. I bought 200 today . Will add some more

  5. valuepick
    whats ur view on cerebra e-waste management company which is hovering around 52-week high level

  6. valuepick,
    whats ur view on liquid storage Kesar Terminal ?
    demerged in 2010
    div yield 3%
    mkt cap : 40 crore
    cash flow : 10 crore

    It has two terminals at Gujarat Port.
    Planning to open freight station and liquid storage at Pipavav and Andhra

  7. Dear Sameer
    I am bit skeptical about the management of Cerebra , may move because of operator activities. Kesar terminal having futuristic business

  8. Does not seem to be moving ??



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