Wednesday, June 15, 2011


ION Exchange is one of the few listed players in water management solutions.Company is offering total water management solutions for home and industry needs.Its water purifiers under the brand name Zero- B is a pioneer product in this category.Due to the scarcity of water ,p otential of this industry is immense. ION is a turnkey supplier of these type solutions for various industrial needs. Company having strong alliances with foreign majors for latest technologies in this sector. This list includes Ireland based Butler Manufacturing Services (BMS), French company Elf Antar SA,Swedish firm Nordic Water Products   ..etc. Company having lot of subsidiaries and associate companies . One among them is ION Exchange enviro farms limited .This company is running bio-intensive organic agri-horticulture farms for producing various agri products using organic inputs.Currently it runs organic farms measuring more than 900 acres at various states in India.
Company also marketing its organic products under the brand names ' Organic World' and 'Organic Fresh'. This industry having huge potential in future.  Even if  ION exchange is a pioneer in water treatment and exists for a long period , its financial performance is telling another story .Promoters inability to encash the available opportunities and implementing successful business plans is a real concern.But after a long time company is now showing some hopes . Management is also taking some steps to give more focus on  each divisions and product segments of the company.There is also opportunities for unlocking value in the form of de-merger of non core businesses like Organic farming to a separate entity.For the financial year ended FY 2011 , company posted a turnover of Rs.501 Cr (433 Cr) and a net profit of Rs.6.6 Cr (1.4 Cr) . Considering the opportunities available in the core business and the chances of the  de merger of organic farming business in future  , risk takers can  take limited exposure @ CMP of Rs.135/-


  1. what is your view Jaihind Projects Ltd??
    It is trading at a PE of 3.5, order book worth 500 crores.
    is it a good pick at this level.

    need your frank opinion.
    do you suggest buy at this stage for a investment of 2 to 3 years.

  2. Dear Pruthvi

    Jaihind Project's ballooning debt is a concern

  3. Hi Valuepick,
    I am a regular visitor of your blog but only occasionally ask queries.
    I have one query about CRISIL.
    Whats your take on it.
    My personal thinking is its an excellent business with excellent management ( last yr,not only they purchased one company but also gave special dividend and also bought back shares)
    And frankly in current market, i am not finding an excellent business at reasonable valuation.
    Do you think it can give good returns in coming yrs.
    With Regards,
    Vikas Bargale

  4. Dear Vikas

    I am not strictly following popular stocks like CRISIL

  5. Dear value

    you tell that ion exchange has also business of organic farming but there is no expression of this type of business on their official website.

    Yours, Patidar

  6. Pls check the link under group sites from ION's official site

  7. If your philosophy is about long term investment, I don't know why your blog has the tickers and Index statistics running live.
    It just doesn't gel.

  8. Dear Value
    Yes, u r right.

  9. dear sir,

    i have 500 jkagri shares at 350 rs , what is your opinion to hold or to sell ? pl reply.




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