Saturday, August 28, 2010


There is number of examples in Indian
stock market for promoters inability/laziness
or their negative attitude towards other share
holders wasting chances of immense wealth
creation. Gandhimathi Appliances is such a story.
Gandhimathi is making household appliances
like LPG Stove, Pressure cooker, Mixer
Grinder ..etc in the brand name 'BUTTERFLY'.
This is the No.1 brand in case of LPG Stove in
South India and also have a good
market share in other products. But the
financial side of this company is not a
robust one. We can’t blame anyone who
suspect that the promoters are siphoning 
of  funds generated in this company and
divert the same to companies privately
owned by the same/related parties. Presence
of other companies of promoters in the same
line of business is a real misfortune  to the
minority share holders of Gandhimathi
Appliances.Any way , earlier this company
went for BIFR and later as per a scheme the
promoters bring more funds to the company
to revive it. Now ,company is going
to merge another group company
Gangadharam Appliances with itself
and  final decision regarding merger
ratio ..etc are expecting soon. It is expected
that after the merger is completed company
will sell its surplus land and pay back dues
to strengthen its balance sheet. Some of the
recent indications from the management
giving some hopes about the change in the
attitude of management. I suspect ,
the huge wealth created by peers like TTK
Prestige and Hawkins
Cookers in recent past may also be a  reason
for  a second thought for the management of
Gandhimathi. If the management is really
willing to change its attitude and ready to
consolidate its operations in the listed company
and show good corporate governance 
the scope is very vast and this may be a
multi bagger even from current level. Since
its future is depends on many ‘IF’s  only high
risk takers can consider this .Now it is
trading around Rs.73/-

* Earlier discussed in MMB around Rs.55/-

* with inputs from friends

Friday, August 27, 2010


I have recommended a BUY on TRANSPEK INDUSTRY at Rs.100/-  on 18th  July 2010 .(YOU CAN READ THE OLD REPORT HERE ) After one  month,now it is quoting around Rs.160/  - an appreciation of   60 %. Requesting profit booking at current level.


I have recommended a BUY on SANGAL PAPERS at Rs.17/-  on 11th  May 2010 .(YOU CAN READ THE OLD REPORT HERE ) After three months,now it is quoting around Rs.30/  - an appreciation of  more than 80 %. Requesting profit booking at current level

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have recommended a BUY on RAM RATNA WIRES at Rs.48/-  on 15th  April 2010 .(YOU CAN READ THE OLD REPORT HERE ) After four months,now it is quoting around Rs.109  - an appreciation of  more than 100 %. Requesting profit booking at current level


I have recommended a BUY on SIYARAM SILK MILLS LTD at Rs.168/-  on 29 April 2010 .(YOU CAN READ THE OLD REPORT HERE ) Now it is quoting around Rs.360  - an appreciation of 120 % in four months. Those who are not interested to take high level of risk may SELL 50% of holding at current level and keep balance 50% cost free.


Below is a part  of an interview published in Economic Times last week with Shankar Sharma  and his wife Devina Mehra  of  First Global Stock Broking :
Q , Shankar, at 18000, are you a bull, are you a bear or I should make the standard assumption that you do not like the markets?

A ,Shankar Sharma: It should not be a standard assumption, but I do not like the markets and again just to answer your previous question all over again, it is our belief and very strong belief that it is almost impossible for anybody as an aggregate class to make money in stock markets. Stock markets are meant to enrich a handful of people at the expense of the vast masses. That is the long-term history of stock markets and I am willing to argue with anybody with any amount of data. I always have that perspective when we are going out there and talking about markets, the guy listening to this point of view should be very clear and it is a damn tough game to make money in markets, even with professionals like us.

Yes , If anybody in Indian Stock Market have right to say this ,that is only these two guys.Because they have played a vital role in previous stock market crashes  and took the money of retailers and later caught and punished by authorities like SEBI and SAT. But the irony is that popular media like CNBC and Economic Times are giving undue coverage to these type of  Culprits and presenting such peoples are the great personalities of Indian Stock Market.

These are the type of people guiding us through media .So ,Don't swallow the comments of Celebrities and Media , Think yourself before investing your hard earned money

You can access some reports on Sharma from below links.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have recommended a BUY on JK AGRIGENETICS at Rs.170/-  on 11 July 2010 .(YOU CAN READ THE OLD REPORT HERE ) After just 32 trading sessions ,now it is quoting around Rs.340  - an appreciation of 100 % in these few days.Now it is known from sources that the hearing of the pending case of de-merger again postponed by the court. Those who are not interested to take high level of risk may SELL 50% of holding at current level and keep balance 50% cost free.

Monday, August 23, 2010


VIMAL OIL AND FOODS is one of the largest
listed  companies in edible oil sector. It is the
flagship company of VIMAL group based in
Gujarat .Its products list includes cottonseed
oil, groundnut oil, mustard oil, Soyabean oil,
Sunflower oil and Corn oil. Company having
a strong marketing network with 50 depots ,
1500 distributors and presence in 5 lac retail
outlets across 21 states in India . Company is
selling its products under the brand name
‘VIMAL’ and ‘LIPI’ . Company has also
entered in the space of Table Margarine with
‘VImal Lite’ .Another company producing
margarine is Zydus Wellness . Companies
from the edible oil and food space are going
through a re rating in Indian stock Market.
Another comparable company is JVL Agro
which is in the same space has appreciated
many fold in the recent past. Vimal
posted a turnover of Rs.622 Cr and a net profit
of Rs.3 Cr in last full year.(This is a low margin
high volume business) . But ,for the three months
ended June qtr alone ,company has improved its
performance and posted an EPS of Rs.5.24 .
When we look into the share holding pattern ,
in the first instance we may feel that the promoter
holding is low as 19% .But the entire share
holding put under the large public category is held
by the associated of promoters itself ,thus it takes
to 59%. Moreover , company is now going to
issue 70 lac shares on pref.basis to the promoters,
which an an indication of their confidence in the
company .Using this fund company is planning to
add more value added products and improve its
marketing network. All together , it is a risk less
BUY at CMP around RS.60/-

Sunday, August 22, 2010


APM INDUSTRIES is a Rajastan base Synthetic blended
yarn manufacturing company  with a capacity of 49280
Spindles . Company is performing well for the past
many years . Recently company has initiated various
steps to improve its capacity utilization and cutting
costs which is expected to augur well for the company
to reap better financials in near future. At a time of
re-rating in textile sector stocks are going on ,
one may add in small quantity for decent return in
medium term. For the full year ended APM posted a
turnover of Rs.196 Cr a net profit of Rs.6.6 Cr.
On an equity base of 4.32 Cr. ,EPS is around Rs.15/- .
For the June qtr ended 3 months ,Company posted a
turnover of Rs.54 Cr v/s Rs.44 Cr and a net profit
of Rs.3.16 Cr v/s Rs.1 Cr .EPS for three month is
Rs.7.3 v/s Rs.2.5/- on FV 10 Share . Company’s corporate governance
quality is a bit concerning factor and limiting an
aggressive BUY call .So take limited exposure at
current market price of Rs.69/-

Saturday, August 21, 2010



Onam is the biggest festival in the Indian state of Kerala. Onam Festival falls during the Malayali month of Chingam (Aug - Sep) and marks the homecoming of legendary King Mahabali. Carnival of Onam lasts for ten days and brings out the best of Kerala culture and tradition. Intricately decorated Pookalam, ambrosial Onasadya, breathtaking Snake Boat Race and exotic Kaikottikali dance are some of the most remarkable features of Onam - the harvest festival in Kerala.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I have recommended a BUY on  ABM KNOWLEDGEWARE LTD @ Rs.45/- on March 29,2010. (YOU CAN ACCESS OLD REPORT HERE) .It is currently trading around Rs.80/- , an appreciation about 80% in 5 months.Those who are not interested to take higher level of risk may sell half of the holding around Rs.90/- and keep the balance cost free.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ahlcon Parenterals (India) Ltd - RESULT UPDATE

I have recommended   Ahlcon Parenterals on June 10, 2010 @ Rs.64/- After touching a high of Rs.98/-,it is currently quoting around Rs 88/-. Recently company declared good result and further communication with the company giving confidence in its performance going forward .So one can HOLD it and BUY on decline .

Old report can be accessed HERE

Following is the abstract of latest result

                             JUNE QTR 2010        JUNE QTR 2009

TURNOVER           16.07 Cr                   11.9 Cr

NET PROFIT          2.83 Cr                     1.44 Cr

EPS                       Rs.3.9/-                    Rs1.97 /-

Monday, August 16, 2010


Even if the potential  of Micro Irrigation is very vast in a
country like India, listed Companies other than
Jain Irrigation in this sector is ignored by investors  mainly
because of their inability to scale up the business.
EPC INDUSTRIE is the second largest pure listed player
in this space. This Nasik based company having an installed
capacity of 8100 Mt per annum Micro Irrigation Systems.
Company was in pathetic situation and a BIFR case  for
past many years mainly because of severe working capital.
crunch . Later in 2007, UK based PE player  Schroder
Credit Renaissance Fund  interested in EPC and invested
about Rs.18 crore to revive the company .
 The same fund again invested
in EPC and raised its stake upto the current level of  52.3 %.
In these preferential allotments ,  Schroder Credit took stake
at a price higher than the then prevailing market price of EPC ,
which indicates their confidence in this company. Meanwhile
promoters also hiked their stake through a preferential allotment.
Even there is fund infusion , turnover of the company was not
improving earlier. But now there is some  earlier signs of
improvement in this company. By effective use of working
capital , company is now started to improve capacity utilization
and margins . For the three months ended June qtr, Company
posted a turnover of Rs.23 Crore and a net profit of Rs.81 Lac
which is  higher than 50% and 300% respectively over  same
period last year. EPC is an approved supplier to the Micro
irrigation projects initiated by Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh 
State governments  which ensures a ready market for its
products. Along with this ,due to high food inflation many state
governments and Central government  taking active steps to
increase the penetration of MIS in our country .As part of this,
recently central government upgraded its micro irrigation  scheme
to a national mission with an outlay of Rs 8032.90 crore ,which
is very positive for companies like EPC. When we look through
another angle , seeing the potential here ,many world leaders are
interested to enter into the Indian MIS market .Since ,controlling
stake held by a P/E player with world wide operation ,EPC
Industries is a potential take over target for these biggies going
forward. So, those who are willing to take risk and ready to
wait, this may turn as a multibagger .CMP is Rs.61 /-

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Earlier recommended @ Rs.100/- ,CMP is Rs.119/-


Transpek Industry Ltd is a 45 year old company established
in Baroda by Shroff Group.It is one of the largest
producers and exporters of organic and inorganic chemicals
from India. Its products are used in industries like
Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals,Agrochemicals ,Dyes
and polymer.Company manufacturing more than 50
products used in these industries.Out of the total sales,
close to 60% income derived from exports and balance
from domestic sales. Transpek has a good research division
too for inventing new products.In last financial year
performance of the company was severely affected by
foreign exchange loss on derivative
contracts which the company entered to hedge the risk.
Now after the stabilizing of exchange rate and improvement
in demand of company’s various products ,it is expected to
perform better in this year. One can BUY for decent return
in medium term at CMP of Rs.100/-

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


In any bull markets ,promoters of fraud companies are inventing new methods to lure retail investors into their stocks.This is to make their exit easy by creating liquidity on the cost of poor retailers . Even the mandatory filing requirements  to stock exchanges are used  for this purpose ,which is really alarming . In this bull market ,BSE has revoked the suspension of many small companies.Majority of such companies were suspended for many years and revocation of trading is really helping retail investors (who caught in previous bull markets)to exit from such dead companies.In reality , intention of promoters in most of  such cases are not helping others but to exit themselves. Let us take case of a company which is re-listed today -VIRGO GLOBAL MEDIA formerly known as ONLINE MEDIA LTD. In the filing of basic details to BSE ,company has provided the name of two websites  as its own (1) and (2)  . When we digging into it ,it is clear that both these address have no relation with the company and these are the web addresses of two foreign companies.It is clear that company is purposefully trying to mislead the investors by filing wrong data to BSE. In a circular by BSE on 04/08/2010 company informed that they have no website and it is only under construction.It is sad to see that even stock exchanges with or without knowledge, helping fraud companies in their efforts to cheat retail investors ,by including wrong details in their official website without proper verification .TO SAVE REATILERS FROM THESE TYPE OF FRAUDS , STOCK EXCHANGES SHOULD  COLLECT HUGE  PENALTY FROM THESE TYPES OF FRAUD  COMPANIES.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I have recommended  Sukhjit Starch and Chemicals HERE on 28th June 2010 @ Rs.169/-.Currently it is trading @ Rs.250/- Company has declared excellent June qtr result as follows :

                             JUNE QTR 2010        JUNE QTR 2009

TURNOVER           79 Cr                   58 Cr

NET PROFIT         8.5 Cr                     1.8 Cr

EPS                      Rs.11.6/-                  Rs.2.45 /-

One Can HOLD it for long term ,considering the improving  prospects of the industry and chances of a reduction in raw material cost going forward

Sunday, August 8, 2010


DHP INDIA - Earlier this Kolkata based company was
engaged in Leasing and hire purchase business and later
ventured into the manufacturing of LPG  regulators, fittings
and assemblies. Now company stopped
its financial related activities and concentrating in this business.
Its manufacturing unit is located at Howrah in West Bengal with
an installed capacity of 1.5 million regulators per annum , from where
it producing propane, butane and LPG regulators, hose assemblies
and brass fittings .Recently company started its expansion project
to expand capacity by 50% which is funded through internal accruals.
Company’s products having big potential in a country like India with
huge population and less penetration in this segment.For the financial
year ended March 2010 company posted a turnover of Rs.18 Cr
and a net profit of Rs.2.3 Cr .On an equity base of  3 Cr ,company
posted an EPS of Rs.7.7 .Company also declared a dividend of 10% .
Expecting better performance from expanded capacity utilization one
can BUY at CMP of Rs.41/- for medium term

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Below is the comparative figures with last year same qtr:

                             JUNE QTR 2010        JUNE QTR 2009

TURNOVER           95 Cr                    80 Cr

NET PROFIT         18 Cr                     15 Cr

EPS                    Rs.53/-                        Rs.43 /-

Company's year ending is in September ,For the nine months
ended June qtr company posted a profit of Rs.9 Cr v/s a LOSS of  7 Cr

Tuesday, August 3, 2010



Monday, August 2, 2010


I have recommended a BUY on POLY MEDICURE @ Rs.130/- on 22 May ,2010 .Company declared decent numbers in June qtr with almost 100% rise in net profit.At Current Market Price of Rs.209/- ,one can HOLD it for long term gains.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have recommended this company twice @ Rs.272/- and Rs.287/-.Currently it is quoting around Rs.300/-

Still I feels it is worth buy for long term investors ,hence earlier two write ups are re-produced below once again.
KAVERI SEED COMPANY – is one of the very few pure
listed  Indian  companies from hybrid seed sector.
Others from this sector are JK Agrigenetics ,Rallis,and
Advanta . Apart from these  other listed firms are
affiliates of foreign players like,Monsanto, Bayer
..etc. Kaveri Seed is a well managed Secunderabad
based firm promoted by Mr.GV Bhaskar Rao in 1976.
Company has grown a lot after that and now it is one
of the largest hybrid seed producer from South
India .Its product portfolio include seeds of
Corn, Cotton, Sorghum, Pearl Millet ,rice ,sunflower
and a wide variety of vegetables.Company also producing
various types of micro nutrients, plant hormones ,
bio-stimulants for different crops.Kavari also
producing organic plant protector under the brand
name ‘FIRE’. Other than this, company has a lot of
organic products to enhance yield from crops.
Recently Kaveri started operations in its  state
of an art facility for cob drying, seed processing
and cold storage which established in its owned 
farmland of 29 Acres in Medak district of Andhra
Pradesh. It added Red gram, onion, mustard and wheat
to is portfolio recently . This pure Indian player has
a very energetic R & D wing and introducing new
verities which can give good result even in bad
conditions like draught. Now in southern states of India
like Tamilnadu,Andhra and Karnataka ,precision farming is
gaining momentum and it is experienced as a great success.
This method requires hybrid seeds and scientific methods
of farming which is expected to bring big business to Kaveri.
                        In the financial front ,Company
is growing steadily and posted a turnover of Rs. 169 Cr
and a net profit of Rs.29 Cr in last financial year.
EPS for FY 2010 is Rs.21.20/-. Backed by good monsoon
compared with last year ,Kaveri is expected to post even
better result in this year. Its business is seasonal
and 90% income generated in first qtr.Company has an
equity base of Rs.13.7 Cr and out of this 63% is held
by promoters and 26 % by big investors including mutual
funds .Even from a low floating stock, promoters are
again buying from open market. In nutshell, with a clean
and dedicated management and excellent R & D Wing Kaveri
Seed  is a company to reap the benefits which is expected
to emerge in Farming sector ,going forward.This one stop
company for hybrid seed ,organic fertilizer and organic
pesticide  is quoting around Rs.272/-
I have received many queries from readers asking whether Kaveri Seed
Company is still a BUY after a  rise of RS.15/- from earlier
recommended price in just two days. Following are  some points
about the company :
 1)      The industry in which it operates have huge potential
        going forward
2)      There are only few listed players in this sector , and entry
      barrier is very high.
3)      Company having  a good ,aggressive and focussed management .
4)      It is growing steadily over past many years
5)       Its R & D is very strong  with 250 acres of land dedicated to
       R&D and  with State-of-the-art Bio-technology labs.
6)      Excluding promoter stake and shares held by large investors ,
      floating stock is just 10% of total equity
7)      Promoters bought shares in recent past from open market even
      at a price of Rs.290/-
8)  Kaveri is the cheapest stock available from this sector with
            a P/E of 13 (Monsanto - 28 ,Advanta 31 ,JK Agri in loss)
      9)  It is virtually a debt free company
     10)  Most importantly , Kaveri  is not a much publicized stock
            and many from investor  fraternity including analysts and
            business channels have  not celebrates it so far

The above are some of the points in favour of Kaveri Seed  ,
Considering the fact that its 90% income is coming from June
qtr alone and the result of this qtr is going to publish within few
days ,even at current price it is a
BUY and hold to grow with it  ,and not a stock to Buy today
and sell tomorrow or day after tomorrow. One negative
point is , Monsoon and  eather condition have great influence
in its business  and which can’t
be   controlled by anyone other than god.


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