Thursday, August 5, 2010


Below is the comparative figures with last year same qtr:

                             JUNE QTR 2010        JUNE QTR 2009

TURNOVER           95 Cr                    80 Cr

NET PROFIT         18 Cr                     15 Cr

EPS                    Rs.53/-                        Rs.43 /-

Company's year ending is in September ,For the nine months
ended June qtr company posted a profit of Rs.9 Cr v/s a LOSS of  7 Cr


  1. you are great sir, kaveri seeds again jumped today, and jk agri results are also good. pl tell about your view on spice mobility
    thnaks and regards


  3. Thaks for all your support. I am now a regular visitor of your blog...Can you please give your thoughts bout Om Metal Infraproject? Is it fine to enter in current level?

  4. Dear Raj

    The management seems to be not paying any attention to revive the company.

  5. Value bhai
    Is cranes software another satyam in the making ?
    othere then that i see no reason for the price being so low
    Thnaks in advance

  6. Results are not yet declare..from where you have got the data

  7. dear sir,
    pl give your views on shree ganesh jewelery and spice mobility

  8. dear sir,

    thaku u for inf on jk agri,pls give on sundaram clayton

  9. y the stock go up after ur post

  10. UFlex look promising current market rate 143

    DD Sharma, head of research, Anand Rathi Securities, in a chat with ET Now talks about Uflex May 06 2010

    we have identified one very interesting stock idea in the midcap segment. This is the Uflex Company. Uflex is a fully integrated comprehensive flexible packaging company. This company makes the flexible packaging from as low as polyester chips. They make polyester chips, polyester film, BOPP film. They quote, materialise and print it and they make the packaging machinery also and finally pack the products for the FMCG companies.

    So it is catering to the FMCG industry which is recession proof and that is why this company even grew during 2008-2009 when most of the companies suffered and this company grew by 70% in bottom line terms in 2008 and 2009 also. It is highly undervalued stock and this is not a really very small stock. It is quite a big company. It had 2000 crores turnover last year. This year also they are likely to report more than 2000 crores turnover and they are expanding very well.

    Valuations wise, the company is likely to report consolidated earnings of around Rs. 32 to Rs. 35 in FY10 and in my view looking at the expansion plans they are having the new capacities commissioned in Mexico and Egypt, this company is likely to report a turnover of 2500 crores in FY11 and EPS of close to Rs 50 in FY11 and yet the stock is available at around Rs 121-122 which is highly undervalued because it is market leader in flexible packaging in not only in India, in Asia. Therefore, it deserves a better rating or better valuation.

    I do not see any institutional investor interest in this stock. No institution seems to be really owning this stock. Is this just an undiscovered gem?

    Maybe it is undiscovered and that is the proposition I am looking for. Right now its market cap is around Rs 800 crore. Once the market cap crosses Rs 1000 crore, then this stock will come into the radar of many funds and institutions and then they will find that this company which is into a recession proof industry which is has a sizable turnover, sizable profit and highly undervalued. Tthen it may be re-rated by the market and in that case, a discounting of 10 times for this company is very much possible. In that case in next 12 to 24 months, this stock may double or even quadruple.
    I would like to point out some more observation. One is that company's domestic operation is located in Noida wherein they have significant surplus land also and land cost in the Noida Sector 4 is close to Rs 1 lakh per square meter. So valuation of this land alone where their plant is situated is more than Rs 800 crore whereas company's market cap right now is Rs 800 crore. So that will give additional push into the stock price for downside. So downside protection is significant means risk-reward is fantastic, your downside is very low and your upside is significant.

  11. Management of Flex group is very bad,Their other companies like flex foods and flex engineering are total failure.

  12. Transpek Industry up 20% from the recomended price ,thanks

  13. This blog is wounderfull.Established in 2009 Star Flexi Film has today gained the credentials of being leading world class manufacturers, importers and suppliers of an extensive range of Polyester Film, Metallic Polyester Film, adhesive’s, laminated pouch, BOPP films, CPP films, opaque films, PVC films, also we import lldp resins,pp,hm,hdpe,pvc, bopp granules and resins and stockiest and traders of similar products. BOPP Polyster Films.



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