Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Below is a part  of an interview published in Economic Times last week with Shankar Sharma  and his wife Devina Mehra  of  First Global Stock Broking :
Q , Shankar, at 18000, are you a bull, are you a bear or I should make the standard assumption that you do not like the markets?

A ,Shankar Sharma: It should not be a standard assumption, but I do not like the markets and again just to answer your previous question all over again, it is our belief and very strong belief that it is almost impossible for anybody as an aggregate class to make money in stock markets. Stock markets are meant to enrich a handful of people at the expense of the vast masses. That is the long-term history of stock markets and I am willing to argue with anybody with any amount of data. I always have that perspective when we are going out there and talking about markets, the guy listening to this point of view should be very clear and it is a damn tough game to make money in markets, even with professionals like us.

Yes , If anybody in Indian Stock Market have right to say this ,that is only these two guys.Because they have played a vital role in previous stock market crashes  and took the money of retailers and later caught and punished by authorities like SEBI and SAT. But the irony is that popular media like CNBC and Economic Times are giving undue coverage to these type of  Culprits and presenting such peoples are the great personalities of Indian Stock Market.

These are the type of people guiding us through media .So ,Don't swallow the comments of Celebrities and Media , Think yourself before investing your hard earned money

You can access some reports on Sharma from below links.




  1. Shankar Sharma is an inglorious Bas****

  2. Dear Valuepick sir,

    I never believe shankar sharma, i read "The Scam" buy debashu husband of sucheta.

    He always has pessimist view on indian stock market their by retail investor stay away from market due to his bearish word.

    I really like RJ, Nilesh shah of Icici, Ramesh Damani, Ramdev Agarwal, Dhirendra Kumar etc. These guy really respect indian growth and stock market and educate retail investors nicely.

  3. pls comment on bartiya international. i have 800 shares of BIL at 116. CMP is 123. i was in loss for a very long time. should i exit or hold for a better price

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