Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MEDIAONE GLOBAL - Smart Promoters ,Poor Retailers

Media one Global is an example how promoters can make money in a bull market.Its name was Rajmatha Investment in its earlier avatar.There was about 1000 share holders all together for this company earlier .Shri Pathee Investments Pvt Ltd made an open offer at a price of Rs.11/-to this finance company and after that changed its name to the current one. Then they issued shares in the ratio of 5 shares for every one held (almost fully held by the promoters itself at that time ) and a right issue at cheap rate. Then they started to rig the share price from Rs.8/- to Rs.181/- in just one year accompanied by a lot of announcements on a daily basis to lure the retailers.After that they have started to offload the shares .
Want to make money in this method -Only cost is some money for
arrangements for open offer for any junk company ,some announcements,few lakhs to bribe authorities(if there is any inquiry during price rigging),link with some operators and lot of guts. Trying this ???


  1. Good catch. Same I found for veer energy .
    Beware for this type of company . Thanks !

  2. I think these kind of rigging is goin on since ages in the indian capital markets.. All actions eventually go against the poor retailers.. And due to such incidents we start thinkin suspiciously about genuine cos..

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  4. FYI : suchetha dalal is a famous journalist who uncovers the dirty tricks of promoters and bad companies. She is well know women in identifying operators like harshad, kethan parekh etc.

  5. Dear ValuePick,

    I have been following your blog for few weeks now and I have started to get genuinely impressed by your study and detailed information. Hats-off to you!!!

    Just wanted to get myself enlightened by your inputs on few companies -

    1. While reading this post, I could not stop myself from comparing this story with Concurrent, that is going on now. Is this scrip in your radar? What do you feel about this company? Is it genuine or yet another cheat story in making?

    2. I read your blog and comments on Pioneer InvestCorp. Very enriching. What do you feel about its future prospect @ CMP 77?

    3. Your thoughts on Evinix, if you happen to track this company.

    God be with all poor investors, with you as a helping hand. :)
    Thanks for the great work you are doing.

  6. I feel, management and related parties of concurrent is now paying much attention for publicity than concentrating in running the business.For a good business publicity will follow business ,not vice- versa.After making very small tickets acquisitions ,they are taking much efforts to spread the news which seems to be not a good sign.If their pockets are deep ,anything may happen.Let them prove first by rewarding share holders, not declaring big results in paper-if there is real cash flow.Need not ignore fully,but approach with caution.Single person centric business has its own risk.

  7. Thanks for your views on Concurrent, really appreciate it. There has been too many noises in recent times, need to wait for the output.

    If you could take out very small time, could you please comment on two other points, particularly the prospect of Pioneer InvsetCorp.




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