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Ingersoll Rand India is a subsidiary of US-headquartered Ingersoll-Rand plc . It is one of the largest manufacturers of compressed air systems in India. Its debt free status and huge reserves makes it an attractive bet for long term investors.Since there is slow growth in its overseas business,now parent company is increasing its interest in its Indian arm.Ingersoll Rand now planning to increase the capacity  for manufacturing heating, ventilation and air conditioning  products. Company is expected to make India as a hub for their regional requirements.For the half year ended September 2010,company posted a turnover of Rs.113 Cr (Rs.81 Cr) and a net profit of Rs.18.5 Cr (Rs.10.8 Cr) .Factors like good support from parent company, well accepted brand ,healthy balance sheet with around Rs.650 Cr cash reserves..etc , makes it an ideal candidate even for  a conservative portfolio.Currently IR is trading around Rs.450/- . Investors can BUY it around Rs 430-440  for decent return in medium to long term


  1. Mr. valuepicks

    When you don't have proper knowlegde about a company should not comment.

    Kavveri telecom - You didn't have any proof for the same still you made comments which are not good. Although you are doing good job in giving good value picks but some caution notes are without any proof. I earlied had bulk positions in the same but after your call lighten my position and had to regret afterwards as I alomost sure about fundamentals of stock and has target of 150 in next 1 year.

  2. Incase such posts are written again I will have to forward the same to the respected management of kavveri telecom.

    Incas of sturdy you had the proof but still stock doubled. but in case of kavveri telecom there was no proof and stock had made a high of 160 recently

  3. Dear Anonymous

    check the following link which shows the share holding pattern of Kaveri telecom in December 2004 qtr:

    Again check the following link which leads to the share holding pattern of promoters in the latest qtr

    Give an explanation for the reduction of promoter share holding from 2062700 shares to 1,469,968 shares (from 40% to 14%)in these times.Study the up and downs in promoter shareholding and published results and try to correlate both these during the time period .Share price doubled or not is a different matter and price of companies which are not even operative have doubled or moved 10 fold in this bull market.Majority of the investors will not bother about the quality of companies in bull market but start to cry only with the beginning of bear market.

  4. Hi Friend
    What is the motive of your comment on Kaveri Telecom now, why you didn't post this when it was at the peak in the month of september ? .You will never raise this argument if you read the disclaimer of valuepickji. In addition , in that particular post he only raise some doubts whether kaveri tele is such a company.

  5. dear anonymous,

    01.i too agree with valuepick , as share price increase does not have a relation with only fundamentals, but many other factors suchas speculation, market sentiment , promoters interest in spiking prices etc.,
    02.always buy such scrips , which give you good sleep irrespective of its movement in short term.
    03.exiting is the main art in share trading , always try to exit in steps over a period of time.

  6. Value pick sir,

    Great lessons :),


  7. Dear sir,
    Please guide me for the best 2 potential script from the following :1.Shri adhikari brothers. 2. Ludlow jute 3.Suryamba spinning 4.Windsor machines 5.Timex.
    Thanks you very much sir to guide the people in the positive direction.

  8. Hi Valuepick,

    Whats your take on Microfinance sector after the recent clamp down from Government of India?
    Does it still makes sense to stay invested in this sector after the recent events?


  9. Kind request vpji , to reply my above que.

  10. Only potential scrips are mentioning time to time.

  11. Dear Vikas

    If not interested to take higher level of risk,better to wait till a clarity emerges in the MF sector.

  12. Dear VPJi,
    should i buy ludlow jute at this CMP? or still wait?

  13. Hi Vp

    Even in a severe crash majority of your favorite companies are firm.This is what an investor need.Thanks a lot for your proper advice in this tough time.

  14. Dear sir,
    plz reply as early as possible for above que.

  15. Dear VP Ji.
    There is really a question in my mind, that can i be able to make money from the market or not?
    i m investing in the market from last one year. but till date i lost 20,000 Rs. out of invested 80,000 Rs.? Should i invest in limited script or in no. of script?

  16. Dear Friend

    what you said is right ,most of the people investing in market and not in companies .This is the major reason for the failure of investment decision.Majority of the market players even not able to think beyond a period of one year,which is really sad. Taking decisions based on the movement of indices is really a difficult task. Just concentrate on companies and only for long term.Even if there is up and downs in market ,if your company is growing nothing to worry.No need to worry about notional losses. Invest in one scrip or different is related with conviction .If you dig deep into a company and fully convinced ,nothing wrong with investing a major part of your money in a single scrip.But before doing this,you must have done proper home work.

  17. Sab tv,windsor and ludlow jute can consider at current level

  18. Fine information, many thanks to the author. It is puzzling to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Very much thanks again and best of luck!



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