Saturday, February 5, 2011


I have recommended a BUY on Amrit Banaspati  @ Rs.114 /- ,(Old Report HERE)which is currently trading @ Rs.183/-.Company posted good result in the December quarter.Sales improved from Rs.224 Cr to Rs.297 Cr and net profit from Rs.2.42 Cr to Rs.8.5 Cr. EPS for nine month is Rs.20/- v/s Rs.7/- .Investors can book profit partially (50%) and HOLD the balance.

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  1. Dear Sir

    I was lucky enuf to wait patiently even after ur sell recommendation for 50% of the shares and sold the stock at 260 Rs. My purchase price was 238 Rs. So it has given me a return of 90% in 5 months even in this terribly bearish market. That shows how much research has gone into ur recommendations. Thanks a lot. Moreover can u please suggest abt Spicejet, Jenburkt pharma,Yuken india and Aries Agro now since all these stocks have been beaten down by around 25-30% in he last 4-5 months.??



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