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Tasty Bite Etables is one of my old recommendation @ Rs.165 on 27th February 2010 . Thereafter it touched a high of Rs.346/- on 19th July 2010 and now quoting around Rs.145/-.  Everything was negative for this company in last year .This list includes , sharp rise in raw materials ( onion and other vegetables ) , unfavorable exchange rate of currency, bad financial conditions of economies to where its products are exported ..etc. Now almost all these factors are slowly  changing in favor of the company. In last quarter company shows some early signs of revival. Tasty bite is also doubling its capacity now and capex is through internal accruals and debt.This is the right time to re-enter in Tasty Bite with a three year view .Stock is expected to appreciate more than 100 % in the mentioned time frame.

For more details about this company , Read the old posting HERE


  1. will you please provide a aggressive(say 3-5 years) long term porfolio of Rs. 30,000

  2. j2eeprofessionalMay 29, 2011 at 8:03 AM

    valuepick, in last year's annual report the company had indicated that they will be doubling the capacity this year (i.e. the year gone by) ...but so far there's no news on that. Do you have any news on the progress on that front. Also, there's a lot of debt on the company, did they take this debt for this expansion ?

  3. Kuheli

    If you mean 100 % risk by the word aggressive , try with Kilpest

  4. Last year debt equity ratio is 0.70 , I think it can manage this side considering the chance of improving cash flow. Company is in the process of expanding capacity now ,which delayed a bit from the schedule.

  5. Dear Valuepick Ji

    Please shed some light on Kilpest.

  6. Already posted,search the blog

  7. j2eeprofessionalMay 29, 2011 at 7:21 PM

    valuepick, i doubt that they could repeat the bottomline performance of 09-10 year, as one of the key risk listed is crude prices and thats still pretty high than that year. Although, i could assume that the results of last two quarters have shown the worst possible scenario(high crude prices coupled with high raw material prices) and things can only improve further but probably not as good as 09-10 FY. your take?

  8. May be not as good as 09-10 ,but better than 10-11.Expecting better performance in 12-13 ie,after capacity expansion .

  9. Hi valuepick
    is there any hope in kamat hotels or is the debtt 614 formarch 2011 going to turn it into anothr vihsla retail

  10. Hi value
    Regarding suraj diamonds do u feel that managemnt isnt trustworthy?
    or do u feel the marketdiscountsthe whole sector (diamonds sector)because they dont trust the diamond sector accounting?

  11. You say about Kilpest, but Paushak Ltd. is much better than it as per all fundamental aspects. Paushak is also your early reco. m i right?

  12. Hi Valuepick,

    Can i have your guidance on below stocks

    1. UTV- Posted very good results this quarter, based on my analysis i find the share price can move upto 1000/-

    full year EPS around 35* 40= 1400
    Last Year EPS =14.48
    require your guidance?

    2 Another company is Ausom Enterprise- Is it wise to invest in this company.?
    3. ABC India ? will it be wiser to invest in this company.

  13. Dear Sir,
    Which one has more scope of appreciation over 2 to 3 yrs period - Tokyoplast or Wimplast in plastic industry?

  14. Sir,
    Please evaluate the result of Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd .In your Last October post you suggest as a value buy. Now it declared a 15% dividend.

  15. dear value
    i have 1000 shares of Dai-Chi Karkaria. Company has collobration with Dai-Chi, Japapn. It mfg speciality chemical. It consistant dividend paying@Rs.2/- i.e.20%. Company is debt free and have reserve more than 15 cr. now the stock treaded@ Rs.45/-. the pe and price/bv is very low. But the problem is that the stock price not give me happy return? can i hold it or sell it? is there any problem in company?
    Yours Patidar.

  16. I think better cos are available in Hotel sector with pan India operations.

  17. Main problem with suraj diamond is the periodic increase in its equity and under performance of the entire sector.

  18. Dear Dusiant

    UTV is good , but Buy on dips .Not tracking
    Ausom Enterprise and ABC

  19. Waiting for the result of Tokyoplast

  20. Dear Patidar

    I am not strictly tracking Dai Ichi .But it seems its growth is not consistent . May shift to some other opportunities.

  21. Hi Sir,

    This Quarter it made a loss of Rs. 15.92 Lakhs. waiting for your views on the results.




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