Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DFM FOODS - Result Update

DFM Food is one of my old recommendations @ Rs.48/- ( For Old posting - Click HERE) , which is currently trading @ Rs.161 near to its all time high.Today company declared excellent result with an improvement  of  66 % in sales and 135 % in net profit . In the first quarter , company posted a turnover of Rs.34 Cr v/s Rs.20 Cr  and a net profit of Rs.3 Cr v/s Rs.1.27 Cr . Full benefit of its recent expansion is expected to reflect from this financial year onwards. HOLD it for long term .


  1. you were recommended california software earlier, eventhough their performance on last few years were sluggish and loss making, they sold off their profitable subsideries, do you think still its value pick for long term?

  2. WoW! ValuePick Sir, You are really doing a awesome job without taking a penny from the readers. Eventhough im a regular reader of your blog, the sad part is, i never tried your recommendations so far. Now i decided that you are the stock guru, at least for me.

  3. Dear Sajan

    Yes, i have recommended california Software on 17 March 2010 @ Rs.41.Thereafter it touched a high of Rs.68 in two months ie, in May 2010 - an appreciation of almost 68%.If you are still holding it ,better to book loss in it.

  4. Hi Valuepick,

    This query is regarding Sanco Trans....How does this company able to maintain such double digit margins, without market taking notice of it? Which business (Logistics/Material Handling) helps them to maintain such high margins ?


  5. Dear Friend

    Please don't call be as a 'Guru'.I too is a student trying to learn something from 'Guru's

  6. Can i buy at these levels (220/-).
    Please do suggest



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