Monday, September 19, 2011


This company started its operations in 1987 at Hyderabad .Pitti Lamination  manufacturing Electric laminationsused in Motors and alternators.Pitti also in the field of Press tools, Progressive tools Jigs, Fixtures ..etc.Company having strong business alliances with world renowned companies like GE,Alstom,ABB..etc.After few dull years , by extensive marketing efforts company back to growth path.In June quarter Company posted a turnover of Rs.98 Cr v/s Rs.45 Cr and a net profit of Rs.6 Cr v/s Rs.1.7 Cr .EPS in June quarter alone is above Rs.4.Company is projecting a net profit of Rs.19 Cr and Rs.26 Cr for the next two years.Recently promoters hiked their stake from 40% to 60 % which is also a positive point to note.At current market price of Rs.42 ,company is trading at very low P/E .If the promoters can achieve atleat part of the projected turnover and profitability there is enough scope for appreciation from current level.CMP is Rs. 42.50/-


  1. it is a mere coincidence that out of 5 companies you have recommended 4 of them are from Hyderabad this month,well i am also from Hyderabad.

  2. Some investors are avoiding companies from Hyderabad after Satyam incident .But I don't think there is any rationale in it .Good and bad may happen from anywhere

  3. BSE web site show that promoter stake is 42.84 from last few quarters . Are you talking after Open offer completion stake. Please clarify

  4. Dear Prashant

    Details of share holding available in BSE site is only upto June qtr. Pref allotment made on 7th September which bring promoter stake upto 60 % .Open offer will hike stake again - if anything offered in open offer

  5. Hi valuepick,
    What is your view on Excel crop care available at PE of 3 making 52 week low, when its small/midcap peers like kaveri seeds/PI ind hovering around 52-week high.

  6. Dear Sameer
    It is not possible to compare a Seed company like Kaveri seed with PI and Excel. Excel is a good company but some clarity is needed about the ban of some pesticides like Endosulfan ,till that this may under perform

  7. What is your views on Confidence Petroleum and Himalya International?

  8. sir, i would like to discuss my investment related query with you, can you please provide me an appointment or phone number so that i can talk to you. if you are ready to give me an appointment then please make it convenient on next week any day as per your convenience. thank you in advance

  9. Sir,

    Pitti lamination has come up with great result for quarter ending march 2012 and have also recommended dividend of Rs 3/-per share.

    Can you please post your views on this counter and it looks great counter to hold on for 2-3 years




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