Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Now it is four months and almost 100% appreciation on  Granules India from my first BUY recommendation @ Rs.79/- (For old posting click HERE ). Now I am receiving  lot of e-mails and comments asking whether one should book profit at current level.In my opinion ,even the movement is very sharp it is not over valued while we comparing it  with its peers and the full extent of future positives not  reflecting even at current price level.Hence I recommending a HOLD  at current price level and even a BUY for those with high risk appetite and patience to wait above one year.It is a point to note that , on a consolidated basis its last quarter includes a foreign exchange gain of about Rs.8 Cr  and this may or may  not repeat in the upcoming first quarter.So it is prudent not to build high expectation while we approaching the result on 26/07/2012.The real benefit of expansion is expected to start only from third quarter and those who are buying at this rate should show enough patience.


  1. Sir,
    what is the real value of granules, whether it is EPS multiply PE (whether PE will be industrial avg)pls tell the comparable pharma companies

  2. So far company valued only as an API manufacturer.But on the completion of expansion within few weeks contribution of PFI and Formulations will be high and normally it should be re rated accordingly

  3. Thanks a lot sir!!!

  4. Sir, Want your view on 1)Unichem Labs 2)SPIC 3)Kilitch Drugs - Thanks / Rajesh Shah

  5. Hi VP sir,

    I have been following your post since many months now.

    In January 2012, you had made a buy recommendation for Suzlon Energy, which was trading at Rs. 24 at that time, currently the stock is trading at around Rs. 18. Please advice if I can enter the stock now with a long-term perspective.

  6. Sir your view on Andhra sugar ? Can I buy this 153 rs.? Is good

  7. Sir,
    Today I was reading some buy note on Vikas WSP. I'm sure you remember about the mis-management these promoters have done a few years back. Current shareholding pattern indicates Reliance Long Term Equity Fund an Goldman Sachs are investors.
    I really can't understand about the due diligence of these institutions.
    Or I might be missing something, if there is any management change post manipulation or some other change that assured these institutions to invest in this company?

  8. Dear Ketan Shah, even recently auditors of the company have resigned from the company, this is a bad sign. some home the company got managed their account audited recently by some other auditors. Regards MMM

  9. sir,
    your views on Elecon Engg at CMP?

    Started adding Granules now.. Thanks

  10. Sir, the company has reported a 6 Cr profit - No Forex gains
    100% Revenue Growth and 59% Sales Growth
    Do you recommend a buy at these levels?

  11. VP,
    Your take on Camlin Fine Sciences which has been steady in this bad market. Seems like excellent prospects.
    Do you still recommend to buy/hold?



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