Wednesday, September 19, 2012


In the Series of 'GUESS THIS STOCK ' ,this is the second one.Try to identify it from the given clues and send the answer to my mail id Name of winners ,name of stock and detailed report will be posted on next Saturday.No doubt ,as usual it is ABSOLUTELY FREE to all my readers.

 # This company  listed only in BSE

 # It is one of the world’s largest producers for one of its products.

 # Company’s sales increased 5 fold in last five years.
# Company changed its name and goes through a merger process in  last 10 years.

# There is another listed company owned by the same group , but both these are  independent entities (this is not a subsidiary of the other company or vice - versa)
# Company posted its highest ever loss in latest June quarter  but currently trading more than 100 % higher from its 52 week low price.

# Stock price touched 52 week high price in this month.
# Company skipped dividend in FY 12 , first time in last 5 years.

# Its free float market capitalisation is below half of its full market capitalisation.

# Now company is expanding its manufacturing facilities and venturing into new product categories very aggressively.
* Please don't expect  reply for  e-mails in this subject  (whether the answer is correct or not ).


  1. It is only a mandatory open offer not a de-listing offer.

  2. Dear VP sir
    needed info about transgene biotek delisting offer ,floor price indicated by company is Rs.25,do you think its worth to invest in stock at this level of 13 plus.

    1. I have no faith in this promoters ,they may change their mind at any time .So no opinion

  3. Hi Sir,

    Could you let me know your views on the below stocks you had recommended at various times. What is your view on them at present.

    la opala
    jubilant inds
    abg infralogistics
    bambino agro inds
    tokyo plast
    heritage foods
    lg balakrishnan & bros


  4. Sir,
    Do you have a view on PG Foils and how is the management?

  5. dear all this stock is advanta

  6. RIDDHI SIDDHI GLUCO BIOLS LTD my reply fitting the crietrion

    1. its sales not increased 5 fold in last five years

  7. Dear Valuepick,

    PLease povide some numbers like turover,eps etc like you did for simran farms or some sector wise clues. Its is very difficult otherwise . Thanks for all your help.

    Best Regards,

  8. Dear all followers of VP,
    All r advised to give their answers by email to VP sir.
    Please do not post your guess in the comments section.

  9. Hi VP Sir..

    Did you receive any correct guess till now?? I really doubt if someone can predict the company with the given clues. Kindly request you to give a bit more information like the group's activities or any of the company's recent activity. Or band of the Mcap of the company .. :) It's just 2 days left now :)

    1. Dear Sandeep

      Response indicating that the given clues are enough to identify the company .But no. of correct answer is very low compared with last time.

  10. You have set a very tough question paper this time. Great work Sir.

    1. Dear Deepak

      Only hard work will bring result in stock market .Many people taking stock market as a place for time pass but such thinking will not bring any result.We can gain conviction on any stock if and only if we dig deep into it,which is always better than blindly believing any other person's recommendation.

  11. Your views on Rossell India and jayshree tea

  12. dear value

    can i add tata chem (further more) , coromandal internatonal, gnfc, gsfc in my long term portfolio for good return?

    1. Not tracking anything other than Tata chem.Its result may be subdued in this FY and this may take as a chance to buy in small lots with a long term view.

  13. Hi VP,

    Whats your view on the selan open offer @ 350. I am plannin it to hold for long. May be they are getting the approval for the other wells soon and so the open offer. Whats your view



  14. Sir,
    Do you see impact on Godawari Power due to Coal scam? I haven't read or heard their name on allotment of coal mines or any other mines.

    Do you have any insight on it if they do have any coal allotment and promoters reputation?

    The reason I am asking as they are operating in the same state as where this issues are but so far their names are clear which is good. I have bought small qty to my portfolio.

  15. Dear Sir, I've got one more clue that promotors of this company has increased their share holding in this june quarter



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