Wednesday, December 18, 2013


NEULAND LABORATORIES LTD - initially recommended @ Rs.119 ( Old posting HERE) and again repeated @ Rs.126 ( Repeat HERE ) .Today stock hits its 52 week high @ Rs.316.35 . Those who are interested to take only moderate risk can SELL half of your  holding and keep the rest as cost free for long term.


  1. Wanted your view on orchid chemical do you think its a good buy and also about biocon please reply since it matters

    1. In case of Orchid, the final approval from Govt for selling of parts of its business to Hospira is still pending . A nearly decision on this and final approval of CDR terms may help the company to ease its debt burden.

      Biocon is a stock already recommended ,no change in views

  2. Dear VP,
    Marksans Pharma has clarified on the fccb payments outstanding. Mark Saldanha has stated they have cleared 5.37 M out of 12.37 M USD as on date and they intend to settle remaining 7M USD by Feb 14. Whats ur view on the stock now? Pleasd check the ET now interview link


  3. Dear VP sir, After seeing your reco and doing some research I was able to buy Granules below 100, which almost doubled in last 6 months .. Thanks for your wonderful work ...Are you tracking Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd ?

  4. dear sir,
    I want to invest in pharma sectror companies... what are your thoughts on cedilla healthcare is it good company to invest, please guide me

    thank you

    1. Cadilla is a good stock for long term investment.

  5. Hi VP,
    i would like to enter Marksans Pharma trading around 17 now.. is this good time to enter or shuld i wait for some time?(long term view)

    Also whats your view on CESC Limited after recent run upto 430

    1. I would like to recommend a stock at comfortable entry level .This stock recommended @ Rs.4 which is now above Rs.17.Neutral at this price level.

  6. ast Updated at 12:39 am IST
    Sebi eases trading curbs on illiquid stocks
    Sebi logo
    The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has loosened the trading criteria on illiquid scrips, based on profitability and market capitalisation.

    Call auctions will not apply to shares ‘where a company is profitable in at least two of the past three years, and not more than 20 per cent of promoters’ shareholding is pledged in the latest quarter and the book value is three times or more than the face value’.

    The new rules also exclude companies with a market capitalisation of at least Rs 10 crore or which have paid a dividend in at least two of the past three years.

    The regulator had earlier decided to apply the periodic call auction rules to all stocks with average trading volume of less than 10,000 and quarterly average daily number of trades of less than 50. A stock can now exit the periodic call auction after a quarter, as opposed to two quarters earlier, so long as it is not classified illiquid.

    The number of trading sessions for such stocks has been left to the exchanges, so long as they have at least two sessions in a trading day, with one uniform closing session across exchanges.

    Sebi has also said orders need not be re-entered at the end of every session and unmatched orders can be carried forward to the next one.  

    The regulator had earlier extended the periodic call auction to all stocks. This had reduced volumes further, due to operational difficulties on repeated order entry, according to market intermediaries. “Representations have been received from market participants regarding (this) circular. The issues raised by market participants were examined and deliberated in the Secondary Market Advisory Committee (SMAC) ,&" said the Sebi circular.

    “Based on recommendations of SMAC and feedback from market participants and stock exchanges, it has been decided to rationalise the periodic call auction mechanism,&" it added.

  7. Dear Sir,

    SEBI has changed and updated the PCA rules....could you please recommend any of your previous recommendations or new ones which might come out of PCA and has great potential going forward....




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