Monday, February 2, 2015


Samkrg Pistons recommended @ Rs.163 ( Link HERE) declared its December quarter numbers as follows :

Company already surpassed its last full year profit in this  nine months itself of the current FY .As expected , its top line was almost flat and the bottom line  grew by 33 %  . In my original recommendation itself ,  I indicated the possibility of a muted quarter in December . In a recent interview , MD of the company also hinted December as a soft quarter and explained the reason for that .Still I believe , Samkrg will report 40 % bottom line growth on an yearly basis compared with last year. I believe , today's sharp fall is unwarranted and there is no need to panic .This is one company still trading at decent valuation from auto ancillary sector .

You can watch the  interview with MD in the following link: ( Courtesy : Moneycontrol)

Cash-RichSamkrg Pistons eyes 20% CAGR in next 3 years


  1. Sir what is your present view on united drilling tools. As it is shifted to z group.

    1. United Drilling shifted to 'Z' group due to non filing of two consecutive qtr results .Resignation of auditors may be the reason for delay in that and later they filed for one quarter .

  2. Thanks Vp about result update.hope it will stop panic selling

  3. VP do you track Minda corp and Minda indus, products of both companies appear good

    Minda industries also seems to be very diversified auto ancillary stock

  4. Hi VP,
    Please let me know your views on Hindustan Tin Works. Why is the stock undervalued? I find its growth is increasing and balance sheet is strong. Also I could find ppl saying in mmb page of HTW, "Worst is over for the stock". Is there anything really bad about the stock?


    1. If I know something bad before my posting I will not post the same as a BUY . If I am aware about something negative post recommendation , generally that will be updated here either through posting or comment.

  5. I am new to your blog. Not sure whether this has been discussed before.
    What is your view on Patels Airtemp?

  6. Basant Agro - Seeds business was fantastic and Fertilizers is again dragging it down .
    What's your view on the stock other than the demerger ??
    Stock fell 10% after bad results and today it was locked 20%

    1. I think ,de-merger of seed business is the best way to unlock value

  7. Sir,
    Can you please share your view for long term on Forbes & Company. Listed only in BSE. Some analysts are very bullish on it. Pls reply if i should invest in it.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. DEar VP ...whn ur nxt GTS will come to ur BLOG as eagerly waiting for it , earning handsome from SKM which bought @ 100 where ur price was 65 may b .... bt still i'm very happy to hold it n aftr results ur blog updation in SKm ,,, i'm very strongly beleive that it will b one of the most amazing stock of 2015 n 2016 also

    GOD bless U always
    pl tell can v all hope for nxt GTS in this week or nxt week
    Me hold tight n time frame for me untill u suggest for future in SKM

    i wanna to add another 100 bt waiting for ur reply as i got my kitty in this weekend or nxt week

  9. Salute to you sir
    How are you able to find such turnaround stocks ..
    Alphageo SKM Avanti and the list goes on and on

  10. Dear VP Sir,
    Im holding BPL Ltd. I want to know your view on BPL ltd. for long term investment (2-3 yrs horizon).

    Best Regards

  11. VP sir, holding SAMKRG stock as prescribed by you. Hope no change in views. There is a mild fall since reco. Hope nothing to worry.

  12. Dear VP Sir,
    Having filed 3rd qtr result by United Drilling Tools, what is your view on current stock valuation and still any steam is left for the future for next one year.



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