Friday, March 25, 2016



  1. Sir your views on lime chemicals , Shri hari chemicals , thirumalai chem , sti India , sanblue Corp , tanla , enkei wheels
    Request you to share ur opinion if ur tracking any of these stocks

  2. Wishing you and your family a blessed Good Friday

  3. Dear VP Sir,

    One of my humble request is to not give any further comment about SKM Egg until some development happens relating to the company. You have given enough opinion about SKM and long term investors like us will take decision accordingly. There is no point in replaying each and every unnecessary comment about SKM atleast for a short period of time

    Thanks & Regards

  4. Do not fear do not disappoint because i, your God your Almighty is with you. Happy Easter sir........God bless all.

  5. Wishing you a Blessed Good Friday.

  6. May his will be done

  7. I take as if the above words are from VP Sir to the people who crucified him by their comments recently

  8. VP Sir.

    Prayers to you and your family and all the readers for having a blessed Good friday and praying for VP sir guidance for all his followers.

    Because of him many have become long term investors so hope he continues to guide us with his wisdom and knowledge.

    VP Sir, Pls ignore all and listen and think of small investors like us who are looking for guidance from you.

    As Lord Christ said: "Oh Father forgive them for they not know what they do"...

    On similar lines, pls ignore handful of people and look to bigger people like us who seek your guidance and blessing.

    God bless.

  9. Dear VP sir I really appreciate your selflesss service this can only be done by a Person who have the passion to provide education to others I believe in philosophy that whoever think good of others GOD alwyas take care of him.

  10. I have seen it is common that a couple of unscrupulous elements ,by nature mean and opportunist try to scuttle any good endeavour . I have witnessed this earlier too with some other good soul . It is unfortunate that they succeed in their evil design . In this case too , I request you to ignore and continue with your routine . Please donot let them achieve their purpose to disrupt the proceedings . We , the persons in stock market ,know the nature of the market and are prepared accordingly .

  11. Skm egg products = 33 Lac Pledged shares (to Sbi) released, now can we expect bse listing ???



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