Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Aries Agro  recommended more than twice  at various price points from Rs100 to 150  level.After touching a high of Rs.203/- in the month of September , currently it is ruling around  116/- . Aries showing  good performance in its operations in quarter after quarter and also having a transparent management.  I reiterate an ACCUMULATE at current level for decent return in  long term.

Old report is Reproducing Below

Mounting food inflation is a serious threat to the economies worldwide. But some companies are benefiting from this situation .All governments are forced to take steps to improve food production using scientific methods and most modern techniques. Companies from the agri- related sectors are the major beneficiaries of  government’s such efforts.In India micro irrigation sector is getting very big boost in every budget .Even though fertilizer companies are also important in this perspective ,government control on fertilizer prices limiting their potential. Along with fertilizers, micronutrients  are  also gaining acceptance among Indian farmers. Moreover micronutrients  are not subject to the regulatory constraints that fertilizers face. The micronutrients business has considerable potential in the Indian context. Factors such as low yields of major food grains and horticultural crops, high soil alkalinity and intensive cultivation are the key demand drivers for micronutrients. The market for micronutrients such as zinc, iron and copper in India, is expected to double over the next two decades. ARIES AGRO is the largest player in micronutrients from the organised sector in India. The other two players in this sector(from organized space)  is Ranade Nutrients and Karnataka Agrochem ,but both are only regional players. Aries has 65 branded products coming from six  manufacturing units in India , one each at Mumbai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad , Bangalore ,Ahmedabad ,Lucknow and one new factory in UAE which is mainly for catering middle east region and North Africa .Aries is in the process of launching new products which include Natural amino acid chelates,Boidegradable chelates and Boidegradable plant protection products. With the inauguration of its Ahmedabad factory company entered into a new space of  Bio fertilizers too. Company’s largest  distribution network of 5500 distributors and 76500 (seventy six thousand five hundred) retail outlets  across India  is the main attraction for a rural centric business like this. In future company can easily roll out allied products throughout this network without much marketing efforts. In addition to this distribution points company has added a fleet of 100 rural retail vehicles called ‘Krishi Vinjan Vahan ‘ in 9 states in India.This is mainly for improving company’s rural reach and advisory services.

Going forward big corporates are expected to coming into the farming  sector of India in a big way. This will surely improve the prospects of  the products of  companies like Aries along with the initiatives of governments to increase food production. 


  1. Sirji,

    What to do with this stock, holding for more than six months now. bought at 145 (avg.)

  2. Dear Friend

    I think there is nothing wrong with the company .But sometimes some companies /Sectors are ignored by the market without any reason. But if the company continue its growth , ultimately it will catch up .

  3. Dear Expert,

    I'm holding 700 Aries Agro @119..I can hold another 6 months.Please guide whether to hold or move out from this stock?


  4. Dear Valuepick,

    I am holding Aries agro 500@Rs. 114/- Please advice whether to average at current market rate or just hold.

    Please advise

    Regards and Thanks

    Vishnu R Nair

  5. Could you please let me know whether aries agro is still worth buying???



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