Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to change your operator through mobile number portability

The procedure.. 
1. Send an SMS to 1900 in the following format:
e.g. PORT 9123456789      
(Note: 'PORT' is not case sensitive and keep space between port and your number).
2. You will receive a reply which will contain a unique 'porting code'.
3. Send this unique code to the mobile operator that you have selected, through an SMS. The number to which you have to send your text message can be obtained from an operator's website or, of course, from the ad blitz that will start soon.
Remember, again, this unique code is valid only for a few days (say, 15 to 30 days). You will have to send this SMS to your new operator at the earliest. Else, you will have to repeat the procedure described in point (1) above all over again.
4. Your existing operator will communicate with the new operator after checking if you have any outstanding amount. If your account has a clear balance, the existing operator will go ahead with the approval for the number porting.
5. The subscriber would also have to fill and submit the prescribed form for MNP to the new operator. The subscriber would have to submit documents (like photo ID and address proof) along with the MNP form to the new operator. Post-paid subscribers will have to submit a copy of their latest bill as well.
6. You will receive an SMS, which will provide the time and date for porting. According to TRAI, it is mandatory for both the existing and the fresh operators to complete the process for number portability within four days after the first SMS.
7. You will receive another SMS from the new operator, confirming the switch. Your mobile phone may remain 'dead' or without network coverage for about two hours while the porting takes place. But don't worry—you will be able to go 'live' again with the new operator—and your old number.
8. Remember, you can change your operator only once in every 90 days. 
Courtesy :Moneylife


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