Monday, October 27, 2014


INGERSOLL-RAND (INDIA) LTD  - Recommended @ Rs.425  today hits its 52 week high @ Rs.954.Those with  below average risk appetite may sell 50 % of original holdings and keep the remaining as cost free .

Recommendation Link HERE


  1. Hi
    Can you please comment on Arvind Remedies invested heavily @44.60 which was recommended by well known brokerage houses giving targets to 70-120. In my home work I found that it is very much undervalued pharma stock with p/e of 4.43 with profit growth of 70% for last five years. I see it as safe bet. I see main problem with this counter is having bet to equity ratio of 2.05.
    Where as suzlon energy making losses and debt to equity ratio of -27.88
    Please write your opinion on this. It will help me alot.

    1. Debt to Equity is not 2.05, please check that again ...

  2. Dear VP Ji,

    i am small investor but holding big quantity of bullshit share named PSL Ltd. Co . is manufacturing oil and gas pipelines, used in distribution of oil and gas. Though indian govt has not been too good in maintaing order book of this co., but i hold 4500 shares @ 80-90, and would like to know what to do with current share price of 18.... Your advice will be highly recommended and would be obliged......Thanks in advance.....

  3. Thanks a lot sir.. I do see your blog everyday.. I'm a great fan of the way you pick the stocks..
    Here.. I don't agree that It's cost free.. It's almost 4 years of Investment :)

  4. Hi Sir -- Hope you are doing great. please express your view on cybertech systems and software ltd

  5. Sir
    Your views on Crompton greaves post result s and demerger declaration ...why so sharp decline in stock price as every thing looks fine..
    Upendra bhardwaj

    1. Some confusion and small disappointment about de-merger method .

  6. Sir,
    What are your views on Associated Alcohol and Breweries over long term? Is this good level to enter? Thanks.

  7. Hi Sir,
    I am holding HOEC (hind. oil explor co) from 135 last 2 years. Do u track this and what is your opinion. Should I book loss or continue to hold. Thanks.

  8. Sir posting again..could you please give your views on ppap auto and nitta gelatin

  9. Hi sir...
    Can you your views on Tide Water Oil and Tata Sponge? ???

    Thank you !!!!

  10. Sir, I would like to know your opinion on Jayant Agro-Organics.

    Thanks & Regards.

  11. Hello sir,

    I missed to enter Capital First when recommended.
    Wanted to know if there are any fundamental changes from the recommended date, before buying.
    thanks :)



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