Saturday, March 27, 2010


Sometimes we wonder how some companies are showing mind boggling financial performance when all others from the same sector are struggling and there is bad times even for the peers in the same industry. There is more and more mystery when we study such companies in detail. Common features of such companies are the difficulty of getting touch with the management ,no information about the customers of such companies ,having a wonderful website where there is lot of sensational and exaggerated news about the industry in which company supposed to be operating but nothing about the activities of the company, a posh office in an area with high repute,frequent announcements of take overs of tiny companies with no business and very huge percentage stake of unknown institutions in more than 1% public category..etc. But past experience shows that ,it is better to book profits in such companies in bull markets especially at a time when promoters itself are exiting from it. Otherwise you can hold ,if you are a believer of operator play and not a believer in fundamentals.CMP of Accentia is Rs.307.60 /-

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