Friday, March 5, 2010


Recommending a  small stock from the financial service sector is always associated with high risk, because of the nature of this business.But Kolkata based Sumedha Fiscal Services deserves a close look.This small but growing company is in various financial services like Stock broking,Commodity Broking,Depository Services,Equity Placement,Financial re-structuring,Merchant Banking,Debt syndication, and Marketing of various financial products.This company has an equity base of 6.7 crore with almost 53% promoter holding and posted an EPS of Rs.5.25 for the 9 month Period of this fiscal.It also paid dividend for that last 3 years .Promoters buying from open market is giving more comfort. Now it is quoting at  just Rs.24/- No need to rush into it.But keep a close watch.


  1. Sir,

    I am holding this stock of total shares 500@16. They are in to good business. Long term prospect is very good for the company.

    I would request you to continue your wonderful effort in value investing :). Wish to see more post from your side.

  2. Sumedha Fiscal is on Fire. Yesterday, it touched 35+ Today, even with Sensex falling over 200 points, its up by 3%.

    A wonderful company to invest in. I have read few reviews which said the price might go upto Rs. 50/- in the near term.

    Best wishes and happy investing in Sumedha Fiscal Services.

  3. sumedha fiscal services will be 100+ within next 3 years 4 sure if they able to sustain there current net profit margin..........gud value pick in my sense.


    Words nahi hai Thareef karne ke liye, hamara great guru sharma ji, kya bole ga Sacchi Niklega. great. great. great..

    he told only one thing. 100 shares of shirpur in comming years is equivalent to one Mercedes Benz.

    It is true. Shirpur is going to Rock.. Hold it. dont sell it. Its goldmine....

  5. KOPRAN bse code 524280@42/= is a great turnaround story of 2010.Exactly the same happend with LUPIN when it was quoting at 62/= way back in 2002 and looking at the low price I bought the stock in huge quantity.Lupin is now trades at 1900+ ex 1:1 bonus.I feel same thing is happening here with KOPRAN and looks super multibagger from hereon.In fact,it is another LUPIN in making.Good opportunity to grab such stocks and held on for super duper profits.Cheers.

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