Tuesday, March 23, 2010

YUKEN INDIA - BUY Even at current level

THIS SCRIP ONCE RECOMMENDED ON MARCH 2 ,2010@ Rs.140/-.Even at Current Price of Rs.160,it is an attractive BUY

YIL a Bangalore based company from hydraulic space, promoted by   Yuken Kogyo Company Ltd  Japan in 1976. Its products are well known in the Industry mainly due to its quality standards. YIL’s product line includes various type of pumps,valves and controllers. Demand of hydraulic products are highly correlated with the over all industrial growth of the economy and it is highly sensitive. Due to sluggish growth in last year company could manage just 1 crore profit in March 2009 full year which converted into an EPS of Rs.3.3 on its small equity of  3 crore. But things changed rapidly with the growth of economy in this year and YIL posted an EPS of Rs.Rs.12/- for the nine month itself which is a four fold rise even  from last full year. Interesting fact is that the peek time of demand for the product of YIL is last quarter and traditionally company posting  major profit from fourth qtr  itself. Considering this fact , YIL is expected to post an EPS close to  Rs.20/- for the full year compared with RS.3/- last year. A clean and share holder friendly management  makes it a riskless buy even at Rs.140/-(now @160/-)


  1. Dear Valuepick,

    Nice analysis. Another Bangalore Based company along with SIKA :).

    One more stock Himatsingka Seide Ltd where lot of promoter buying happened. more then 30% was acquired on single day. The sector is good too.

    For more info : http://www.bseindia.com/Insidetrade.asp

    Waiting for your views :)

  2. Dear Mahesh
    Not 30% on single day,BSE data showing their total holding after the acquisition(existing+ additional acquired)

  3. Dear Sir,

    What is your view on Concurrent Infra? Lots of people suggesting to invest in this stock.
    Is it a good investment candidate? What is your suggestion. Please reply.


  4. Dear Mr.manjunath
    I am not strictly following this company,but in my opinion there is high risk in any company which is operating in too much diversified fields ,especially depending on the caliber of a single person rather than professionally managed.

  5. why did vinod sethi exit this company @ 55/
    any comments?

  6. why do u only have second grade companies for multibaggers....even sbi reliance union bank pnb etc have been multibaggers.why they not come in ur radar



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