Thursday, June 17, 2010


Cenlub Industries is one of the India’s largest manufacturer of
Central lubricating systems. Company is manufacturing central
lubricating systems for machines used in industries like sugar ,
power, steel ,cement and also for Railways ,trucks,and Excavators.
All well known names in these sectors are customers of Cenlub.
Company is in the final stage of the commercialization of the wheel Flange
lubrication system for locomotives ,which is expected to bring big
business for company from railways. Since there is rapid growth in
industrialization in India ,company’s products having bright future
. Even if it is a small company at present ,it is a niche one having
decent potential .For the full year ended March 2010 company posted
a turnover of Rs.18 Cr and a net profit of Rs.1.8 Cr which translates
into an EPS of Rs.2.9/-. Promoters are heavily buying from the
open market .One may add Cenlub which is currently trading around Rs.20/-


  1. There is no volume in that stock so how can you say that promoters are heavily buying from open market ?

  2. Dear Friend

    You have said the answer too.The word 'Heavily ' have different magnitude in different circumstances. If promoters buying one or two thousand shares of Reliance it may be negligible as percentage terms,but in the case of any company having thin volume ,meaning is different,am I right ?

  3. Dear Valuepick sir,

    may i know your views on Anil Products : making business using Corn.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Valuepick,

    Can you suggest some Agriculture sector stocks....which can be the next multibagger?

  5. Dear Mahesh
    Anil Product is not bad,keep an eye on Agri commodity prices while investing.

  6. Dear Vikas

    Kaveri Seed and Aries agro are good bets from this sector. Please note that there is seasonality in these businesses

  7. Dear Valuepick sir,

    Thank you for your reply :).

  8. Thanks Valuepick.......can u suggest any company from Microirrigation sector...apart from Jain and Rungta.

  9. Dear Vikas

    Only other pure listed player from Micro Irrigation sector is EPC Industries where foreign PE player holds majority stake.May be a dark horse if they can deliver better numbers ahead



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