Monday, June 21, 2010


Lokesh Machines Ltd is a Hyderabad based company in
Machine tools Industry .Company is a major
producer of CNC machines for Automobile
industry.Lokesh came out with an IPO @ Rs.140
in 2006 . Company performed well till the beginning
of bad times in automobile industry. After a long time,
new capex plans by auto majors are expected to bring
good business for the company in near future. Signs of a
revival in financials are visible in last qtr of the
previous financial year itself. Company posted a
turnover of Rs.96 Cr and a net profit of Rs.4 Cr
in last year . Currently it is trading around Rs 49.5.
Risk takers can BUY for medium term


  1. sir,
    i was in search of good scrip and i found PVP Ventures Ltd. quoting at Rs.13.95 today at NSE, in it is showing all time high of Rs. 7000/- in year 2000 i could not understand why it has come down. please give your valuable comment and advice to buy this or keep away.



  2. Dear Dainy

    I don't think that a scrip is good only because it was at dizzy heights at some time.PVP was earlier known as SSi(software solution integrated) and the old promoters sold this company to PVP group.Before the sell of it de-merged its IT education dvn and it merged with aptech. when it was sold to PVP group ,only some real estate assets with this company.Later the sell off ,old promoters have started another company Edserv Soft systems which is listed now. Regarding PVP ,new promoters are selling their stake in regular basis even if they are announcing big plans in power sector.Anyway I am not interested to recommend a promoter selling stock to my readers by any reason.

  3. Dear Valuepick i always surprise about your data and analysis. The above comment by you is decades past, and impressed with presenting details and i seen some ppl who simply ignore by tell "Dont track" instead of telling details rich information like you commented about, it not only helps in great way but it helps us to inspire to do more research about company.

    Thank you for your comments :).

  4. Hi Valuepick,

    Whats ur thoughts about BF Utilities?
    Need inputs about the same......i heard this company has the highest land bank among all the real estate companies in India ?
    Looking forward to hear on this?


  5. vikas Dont look @ so called land bank, it will years to materialze in to balance sheet. land bank scenario is good for operators and brokers to rig up the price. look biz model, sales, management background etc.

    Thanks. :)

  6. Hi
    Let me know your opinion on Cuncurrent after new developments.

  7. Dear Anonymous :

    Here is the link its from Moneylife

    Read it and take decision. In Short Dont buy it now, wait till all the announcement they did too fast too soon get materialize in the balance sheet.

  8. Dear Anonymous,

    When price running (UC's etc) dont think its good stock nor bad stock. Spend @ least some time on background verification on the stock, operators always know how retail investors internal nerves behaves, they know reverse engineering better :)

  9. Lokesh seems to be a very very good buy.

  10. KOPRAN bse code 524280@42/= is a great turnaround story of 2010.Exactly the same happend with LUPIN when it was quoting at 62/= way back in 2002 and looking at the low price I bought the stock in huge quantity.Lupin is now trades at 1900+ ex 1:1 bonus.I feel same thing is happening here with KOPRAN and looks super multibagger from hereon.In fact,it is another LUPIN in making.Good opportunity to grab such stocks and held on for super duper profits.Cheers.

  11. I brought Lokesh Machines at 255, four years back just after the IPO. Then the stock price suddenly dipped below 50. Now, should I sell or hold for long term.

    Pls suggest



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