Thursday, June 24, 2010


So far I have recommended Simran farms twice ,first through MMB @ RS.14/- and again through this blog @ Rs.30/- Currently it is quoting around Rs.43/- .Considering the steady growth company shown in past few years and expected the same trend going forward ,I still feels that there is some more steam left in this counter .

You can access past two write ups from the following links

1) Simran Farms -MMB
2) Simran Farms -Blog


  1. Hi Valuepick,

    Simran is good pick.but usually chicken farming is good profit making business i.e margins could be atleast 15% in the industry.Even venky's also delivering the same margins with good Q4-eps 22. but simran is delivering 5% margins with very marginal debt.Is simran cooking the books or what's the reason behind it. but stock has good run up. Your views r valuable for me.


  2. Dear Raj
    It is very difficult to strictly compare simran with venkys.Because Venky's have a lot of value added products.Moreover cost of feed is the most important expense in this business,and Simran sourcing its feed requirements from third party vendors which is the main reason for erosion in margins.Only now they are going to start own feed production.Again business(parent poultry breeding) of company itself is different with venkys.

  3. Hi Valuepick,

    Quick query regarding DMC International.....can u take a look at it ?

  4. Dear Vikas

    Not strictly following DMC ,but no so good opinion with my limited knowledge on it.

  5. Quick question regarding SKM Egg do they compare vis a vis Simran?

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  7. I am not strictly following SKM ,but as per my understanding SKM Egg Products is making egg derivatives like egg powder.So the rise in egg prices is not so good for SKM.Depends on how they can pass the price rise to the end customer

  8. I am realistic and optimistic too I am here in stock MARKET for making money and not for promoting any company I just shared information I got It is upto the individual to believe it or not You can take example of jai corporation roumour/news way back in 2006 when it was quoting 200+ No one believed it and not a single expert made any recommendation to buy it but it went upto 25000 and even now stock is available at 262 but 1paid up and 1:1 ex bonus means still at 5000+ on a 10 paid up and before bonus Still jai corp is in doldrums but stock price you see why just because Anand jain close friend of Mukesh Ambani Friends here it is ZEE group fantasti promoter excellent credentials proven track record has taken over company a year back.He has invested billion rupees to see the company in action and make profit Yes it takes time because of several legalaties etc etc Now all these things are settled and company is about to run anytime now I have learned and I know one thing that in such stocks one should buy it when available without stop loss.Yes without stop loss otherwise you will be out and can never buy it Guy`s go for it with full faith atleast in ZEE management only Thanks ...
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