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HERITAGE FOODS (INDIA) Ltd - A Star in Making

Heritage Foods(India) Ltd - may be called as a unique listed company .This is because of the nature of its integrated operations in agri related sector. This company is promoted by Mr Chandra Babu Naidu - former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.Company having four divisions- Dairy Business,Retail Business,Agri Business and Bakery Business.


Heritages Dairy business having one of the largest network in India for collecting,processing  and supplying milk. It span Across Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharastra and consists of a number of collection points 12 packing stations, 75 chilling centers/bulk coolers,4 ice plants ..etc.Company sells Milk and Milk Products including Ghee, Paneer, Ice Cream, Cooking butter, Lassi, Doodhpeda, Fresh Cream, Curd etc.It is very difficult for any company to set up such a large supply chain which is crucial for the success of any company in Dairy business.Company also exporting Heritage Pure Ghee and Heritage Butter in Bulk and Consumer Packs from two of its units located at Tirupati and Chittoor. Company also established about 1000 'Heritage Parlor's to sell its value added dairy products across south India.


Under the retail division company is selling Groceries ,fresh fruits and vegetables. Under the brand "Farmers Pride”, company offers a full range of staples like rice, pulses, spices , dry fruits..etc Company operating retail stores in two formats - Flagship store (2500 Sqft) where it sells Fresh fruits and vegetables, grocery, processed food, cleaning aids, General merchandise, bakery, dairy, beverages, and frozen food and 'Daily'format stores(1000 sqft) where it sells foods and vegetable items.In total ,company owns about 80 retail stores.


Through Agri business division ,Company having strong presence in contract farming of vegetables and fruits. These items are selling through its own retail stores. Vegetables and seasonal fruits are produced through contract farmers and then it reaches at pack houses via collection centers strategically located in villages for washing, sorting, grading and packing and dispatch to the retail stores .This backward integration ensures the  freshness of vegetables and fruits sold through retail stores.Agri division activities are based at Chitoor (Andhra Pradesh), Kolar (Karnataka), Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu) Medak and Nalgonda in Andhra Pradesh .Company having two pack houses one at Mattam and other at Mulugu. Heritage also having a Poly Green House facility for Production of Vegetable Seeds for supplying to farmers engaged in contract farming.


Bakery Division  is relatively a new initiative of the company ,Currently this division operates at 14 company-owned stores in Andhra Paradesh and it is planning to expand it. This division also running Hyderabad’s first Premium Bistro as “ Heritage Bon Sante Bistro” in Jubilee Hills.

What is special with Heritage food ?

This company is growing as a one stop shop for daily needs through its various verticals. This integrated business model which includes farming,processing ,retailing ,baking and diary - Heritage is a company with no comparable listed players.It is very difficult to replicate a supply chain created by Heritage which connects the farmers from remote villages with the consumers of Metros.Only negative side of its operations is the poor performance of its Retail division which is eating a major portion of the profit generated by the dairy division .After the dismal performance of retail division last year ,now company took many cost cutting efforts and even closed down some shops which are unviable. As a result ,in the December quarter loss of this division has come down by 50%.For the nine month ended December ,Heritage posted a turnover of Rs.788 Cr and a net loss of Rs.46 lakhs.It is expected to back to black on a full year basis and post good performance going forward.Any chance of a turnaround in Retail division or a separation of this division from the main company will surely changes its fortune.Chances of such a move is very high in future. Stock price of Heritage foods moved up in recent times and it is trading around Rs.234/- .Any correction below Rs.200 should be consider as a buying opportunity with a four digit price target in five years.


  1. Let me add some more interesting info.
    But before that I have some doubt.
    i)This is company run by politician and hence I am always alert about.
    ii)although they are in great business and turnover have huge growth, they are hardly making any money.

    Valuepick do u expect them to make money going forward? I am looking DESPERATELY for company in FARMING SECTOR because FARMING is future :)

    Interesting info is two promient investors holding heritage food
    1)Dolly Khanna
    2)Kamal Kabra and family (RJ considers him as one of the best indian investor:

  2. Dear Sameer

    I have pointed out that the reason for only small profit is the loss of Retail division.For the nine month ended ,company excluded the retail div made pre tax profit of 35 Cr but retail div made a loss about 20 Cr .That is why I mentioned that the hiving off of this div will change the fortunes.

  3. Dear VPJi,
    Do you think a company promoted by politicians will succeed in Indian Market? What would be their ultimate aim? Business for Politics or Politics for Business? What will happen to the poor investors? will the shrewd politico-businessman in Mr. Naidu will cheat investors?How can he serve both Politics and Business simutaneously? Look at the story of Country Club !
    Awaiting your response.

    Neeraj Sharma.

  4. Dear Neeraj

    Agree to some extent.But difficult to generalize. In the case of Heritage ,we must accept that this company is growing even when Mr.Naidu is out of power for a long period. Many of the politicians are serving their business than Politics and in some cases politics is only for Business.But since their companies are not listed ones they are not coming to limelight and their financials are not available in public domain. I don't think the death of YSR is the only reason for the poor performance of Country club ,but the service standard of the company and complaints against their services are the main reasons.

  5. Sir, You can give the link to the stocks google page in your blog making it easier to know cmp and 1 year trend

  6. Hi Sir,

    I think its time to re-enter heritage foods. What do u suggest ?

  7. Sir,

    you are so amazing,stock is at 500 and looks good for more,thank you for identifying such gems for us.


  8. The stock has closed at 468 probably on profit booking. Truly a nice job of recommending. Keep up this good work



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