Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Earlier this scrip was recommended as a BUY @ Rs.119 and also requested for book profit @ Rs.156/- .Currently it is quoting around Rs.127 /- .I feels it is the time to re-look at this stock for buying for decent return in medium to long term

Old Report HERE


  1. Dear VP,

    Can you plz check this below link.Its Regarding nitco promoter land case.. what is your view on management of nitco.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Sudhir raj

  2. Dear Sudhir

    Trying to get the current status of this 4 year old case of NITCO Ltd,will post it as soon as I get it.

  3. Sir,
    I am an avid frequenter of your blog. My motto, like many other fellow visitors, to visit your blog is to find the "so-called-next-INFOSYS". But, truly speaking, I am a bit confused as the number of stocks covered is increasing day by day leading to a layman, like me, helpless in his quest for that coveted "VALUESTOCK".
    The people who invested in INFOSYS in its nascent stage were smart enough to spot its future potentiality at that stage which a layman lacks. There comes the importance of "FINDERS& ANALYSER" like you to make the search easy for general people.[n.b.: analysis and predictions are two different things]
    It is most expected that we the common folks will be able to get the benefit of long term investment if we be able to find that RIGHT stock.
    Hence, Sir, kindly pinpoint,THROUGH your power of analysis of a company, one/two such stocks having real power to become "NEXT INFOSYS" in the true sense of the meaning.

  4. Dear Madhu

    Never think any analyst will spoon feed an investor and it is the duty of the analyst to find out next Infosys and present it to the investors.If it is the case and such a person is 100% right ,such an analyst will never reveal such a stock to public domain .My aim through this blog is to present my ideas .I expect every one reading it will do some homework and bring their own contribution,In such a way we will get more pros and cons about a company through different angles and which will help others to take a much informed decision.What I mean is ,let us try together to find out such companies - and not follow blindly me or anyone.



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