Sunday, April 24, 2011


I have covered NILE Ltd in one of my old posting when it was @ Rs.115/- .( Read it  HERE) .Currently NILE is quoting around Rs.165/- .Company declared its full year numbers on Saturday.Backed by the surging prices of lead and lead alloys which is two of its major products,.company posted robust numbers this time .For the full year ended March 31.2011,NILE posted a turnover of Rs.300 Cr v/s 145 Cr and a net profit of Rs.7.17 Cr v/s Rs.3.24 Cr .Full year EPS is Rs.24/- .Company also declared a dividend of 20%


  1. Sir,
    Are the following stocks good for investment with 4-5 years time frame:
    1. confidence petro
    2. goenka diamond
    3. genus power
    4. jhs savindard

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have got 3 lakhs as a free money to invest & forget for next 5 yrs. Which 2 stocks do you recommend. I have short-listed a few below. Can u comment plz...

    a. Selan
    b. Coal India
    c. Tata Global
    d. Central Bank
    e. LIC
    f. Jenburkt
    g. Emami

  3. 1)Confidence petro -Average
    2)Goenka Dia - Not tracking
    3)Genus power - Already covered
    4)JHS Svenguard guard- Earlier the same promoters made a public issue for Sunehari Exports and this s company disappeared later .Again they collected money through JHS for the same line of business.Difficult to accept these type of promoters.

  4. Dear Madhu

    Above mentioned companies includes large cap and mid-small cap,Difficult to advice without knowing your risk taking capacity.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for excellent updates on real value-picks. Based on Nile results, can we expect similar results for Pondy Oxides, in similar business of lead ?

    Any idea on Kavveri Telecom products?


  6. Dear Sir,
    I am a moderate to high risk taking investor.
    Kindly advise


  7. dear valueji

    please note the eps of march 2011 is 30 am i getting it wrong.please guide

    also whwn you had last published around may 2010 the shareholding of the promoter was around 44% which has now increased to arpund 49%.

    could you show some light whether GMM has sold out their stake as per court order or they havent still any idea would be of immense help.

    the price is rising steadily and its all time high of 750 is way ahead,to be reached ,but
    with a good eps and capacity addition looks its possible to reach half way atleast your take


  8. Dear Friend

    GMM still holds about 18 % of the total equity of the company

  9. plz throw some light on GMM ..FY 14 RESULTS out sirji
    ....eps 13 can u project any targets ? as per charts it has given a solid break out --plz do reply me ---zicom views long awaited



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