Thursday, July 8, 2010


Sometimes back ,I have recommended an 'AVOID' on Beckon Industries ,mainly because of some suspeciuos aspects associated with the company. It seems that company is in sincere efforts to get into the guinness book of world records for maximum announcements made by any listed company in any financial year .Lot of retail investors invested in this company by believing such announcements and with great expectation of a bright future ahead . We can't blame them ,because most of the announcements made by the company are related with sunrise fields like education,bio technology,energy,fuel.etc.Last one in this series was an Algae technology to make Bio -diesel and aviation fuel.Lot of investors believes that this will even change the fortune of our country too,and the product will be marketed by any world leader in energy management.When we dig into the details of companies mentioned in the various announcements made by Beckon Industries ,it is hard to get any proof even to assure that such a company is existing anywhere in the world.But two days back company scored a goal by announcing a technology transfer agreement of algae technology with a Hong Kong based company named Jilani International.This time ,it seems to be an existing company ,but don't be excited .....Jilani International is a company engaged in the  marketing of home furniture with 25 staffs.You can verify the details here. Don't ask questions , there is no questions in stories !!!!!!!,But money is yours'


  1. Thanks a lot. I bought this share and after reading your article, the next day i sold my entire holdings. God grace, i didn't loose any money. I am great follower of your articles which enlighten the small investors like me. Keep it up....

  2. very useful information sir, pl give your view on kopran sir,

  3. Thats interesting...

    But recently the promoter or the chairman is buying the warrants of the company, isn't that interesting and promising?



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