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JK AGRIGENETICS  is a member of JK group companies
established in Hyderabad in 1989. Earlier it was
part of JK Tyre and Industries and later de-merged
into a separate company.This company is engaged in
research and development, production, processing
and marketing of hybrid seeds of Sorghum, Pearl
Millet, Maize, Cotton, Rice, Sunflower, Tomato,
Okra and Hot Pepper. Products are selling under the
brand name 'JK SEEDS'.Company is collaborating
with various national and international
agricultural universities for bringing latest
technology in seed development.In 1999
company set up a Bio tech lab of international
standards at Hyderabad with 15 scientists .
Its Hyderabad plant having a capacity to process
100 ton seeds per day. Company is selling seeds of Cotton,Bajra,Maize,Jowar,Paddy ,Sunflower,
Castor,Mustard,Wheat,Redgram and Soyabean.It also
producing seeds of vegetables like Tomato,Bhendi,
Chilli,Bottle Gourd,Water Melon,Radish,Cabbage,
Sweet Corn,Cucumber and Coriander.Company has
recently started production from Phase 2 of its
new seed processing plant in March 2010.
Due to adverse climatic conditions company's sales
badly affected in last year and company posted
huge loss.It is expected to perform better ahead.

In 2006 ,company planned to de-merge  into two
- Seed division and Investment division . When we dig deep
into the investment division it is amazing to see the
value in it.This division holding shares of JK Lakshmi
Cement(Total current Market value Rs.45 - Crore),JK Paper
(Rs.38 Crore) ,JK Tyre( Rs.99 Cr.) ,Umang Dairies (Rs.3 Cr),
Bengal Assam Company ( Rs.13 Cr).Other than this it also
holding shares in unlisted companies like Fenner India,
Udaipur Cement,Florance Alumina ..Etc. All together its
investment portfolio worth over Rs.200 Cr in current
market price. Remember, its total shares issued are
only 3,506,510 and when we divide its investment
portfolio for these share ,what should be the value
of each share of JK Agri.(Approx.Rs.570/- each) Anyway
company's plan was to de-merge it in a manner so as
a share holder will get 60 shares of seed company and
40 shares of Investment company. Company's proposal was
earlier rejected by Court due to complaints by some
share holders, and company now filed an appeal to the
division bench .This petition is expected to come for
hearing in this month itself . It is expected that Company
is planning to de-list the investment company after
de-merger . I believes If such a reverse book building
happens ,one can recover entire investment (at current
rate) by just surrendering the shares of investment
company alone and keep the shares of seed company
cost free. In nut shell at CMP of Rs 170/- you are
getting a company from JK group operating in a high
potential Agri sector plus part of 200 Crore investment
at a market capitalization of just 59 Crore.


  1. Valuepick sir i liked the "The read attraction".

    One more query why "Shri Lakshmi Cotsyn" quoting low p/e ?.

    please let me know the reason in ur free time.

    Thank you.

  2. 10% in one day. lots of speculation is going on.
    if you have it hold on.
    thanks for the tip.

  3. I am sure you must have left your job and doing this, Now let me explain how you work, first you identify the unknown company collects all the information about that company. Than you come with the post on the site indicating all the postives, before posting you buy in bulk just see the one day before volume when you make an post & on posting date or after one day you sold whole qty. this you do in all the buy recomdn scrip . Dont delete the post if you are true

  4. Why I need to delete this , If I have a deep pocket like you have mentioned .I think it is not necessary to write a blog to make money.Moreover please understand , if there is an open recommendation to general public by an operator ,such scrips will usually open at the high rate due BUY of general public on the very next day of the free tip and close in negative territory due the sell off of the operator and will not move up in near future.Anyway It is not my duty to convince you anything and you have the right to express your opinion.

  5. Anonymous,
    I completely disagree with your comments. Value pick is doing a great job by discovering unknown/little known gems to the public. If your theory works, then none of his picks would have given any meaningful returns. See his track record posted by him before passing any adverse comment.
    - Follower from Chennai

  6. Now who is operator you only , and just clarify one thing in all the script you have given a buy call why the volume has gone up just one day before you make an post on this.Just compare the avg volume Vs a before you have made an post. Forget about the price and volume its gonna go up, i m not at all against you afterall its your unique reserch you deserve it. Continue your job dont explain me

  7. value pick ji,

    I am an investor since 10 years. only recently i found your blog. you are doing great work.Most importantly you are very matured in ur reply. please keep up the good work.


  8. Valuepick Ji,
    I got your blog when I was googling for "Jain Irrigation". As you had covered Jain also, I fortunately found your blog. I am highly admired by your postings and research. I am in stock market since last 05 years. The guidance which you provide, can give only a rich experinced person having fundmental, technical as well as general experiance of stock market.
    I am not convinced that you could be a operator. You have well said, that if a scrip is operatted with vested interest, its opening price generally would be higher and at the end of the day it would be lower making bearish candle.
    I have found one rule also (for traders only) that if opening price of a scrip is equal to highest price of the day (at the time when you want to initiate your trading), most probabely the scrip would end lower.

    Keep continue your good work for small investors like us. Also one request to you is that it will be very helpful to us if you provide some information on coming IPOs.

    Manmoahn Garg

  9. Manmoahn urf shree urf value pick, only god and he himself knows what he is doing, making money just on innocent investor name..if he not genuine i sure i day he will be punished very badly, if he is really true our blessing will be with him.

    Amit mehra

  10. Dear Valuepick,

    Just do not be disheartened by some idiots. You are a boon to retail who are willing to take that much amount of risk to find value in their portfolio. More than the scrip, you are the true Valuepick.

  11. as you know that is is falling again. do you suggest any stoploss.

  12. Dear Neeraj
    In the front page of this blog itself I have clearly mentioned that this is not meant for traders or for making money in one or two day and I am not believing in one day wonders too.I have recommended JK agri having value at a price of Rs.170/-,currently it is trading at Rs.179/- so there is no reason for saying it is falling.If I find value at Rs.170/- and it falls below that rate , there is more value there and that is a BUY for me and not a SELL either through open SELL or Stop loss SELL.I can't change my view from a BUY to a SELL only on the basis of some price movement without any fundamental reason which may affect its fortune.I am waiting for the court order regarding de-merger proposal and can comment on the basis of the outcome of that.

    Some of our readers are saying that the unusual volume on JK Agri on the 2 previous days of my posting was due to my purchase and then I put the recommendation and sold off.But those friends do not verify the price movement too ,On that 2 days stock closed at monthly low which indicate that somebody actually sold in that day and not bought ,if there was some accumulation happened in that days ,the price pattern should not be like this. One is true ,there is sharp spurt in the very next day of posting and I think it was a coincident by chance and I am not a fool to believe that my blog is so popular to move up the share price of any company by 20% only by the posting of it here.

  13. Dear Anonymous,

    First get a name for your self before calling everyone for playing foul. Id Value pick has any compulsion to help you earn money?? Just because you have a computer and internet stop spreading shit on the site. I think stock market is not the right place for you. Just buy a dozen eggs for 20 rupees and wait for them to hatch and again wait for them to become chicken and then sell off those chicken. In this way you may earn 10 times of your money!! Use this trick if you are a longterm investor. But if you are a short term trader buy milk and wait for it to become curd and sell it for double price. I guarentee you that you will never get loss this way.

    In stock market both bulls and bears make money only pigs will get slaughtered. Pigs here means "Maha Gyanis" who find 1000 reasons as not to buy the stock and jump in to buy when stock shoots to 52 week high. Just decide which category do you belong to.

    email me at if you want my phone number also i will give you.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. After JK AGRIGENETICS now turn of HB Portfolio Ltd.

    At current price of around Rs. 42 market cap of HB Portfolio Ltd. is around 50 crores. As per annual report 2010 company has Cash & Bank Balances more that 14 crores(Precisely Rs 140643338) on consolidated balance sheet . You can access annual report from company's website.So effective market cap after reducing cash is 36 cr. Company does not have any debt .Can you imaging how much stocks and mutual fund unit this company hold ? As on 31st march 2010 value of stock portfolio is 185 cr (Rs 185,13,13,967) and mutual fund units of 10 crores (Rs 9,98,89,044) . Company is also having unquoted investment worth 39.29 crores (Rs 392897303) in associates companies at book value. For more details refer blog



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