Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have received many queries from readers asking whether Kaveri Seed
Company is still a BUY after a  rise of RS.15/- from earlier
recommended price in just two days. Following are  some points
about the company :
 1)      The industry in which it operates have huge potential
        going forward
2)      There are only few listed players in this sector , and entry
      barrier is very high.
3)      Company having  a good ,aggressive and focussed management .
4)      It is growing steadily over past many years
5)       Its R & D is very strong  with 250 acres of land dedicated to
       R&D and  with State-of-the-art Bio-technology labs.
6)      Excluding promoter stake and shares held by large investors ,
      floating stock is just 10% of total equity
7)      Promoters bought shares in recent past from open market even
      at a price of Rs.290/-
8)  Kaveri is the cheapest stock available from this sector with
            a P/E of 13 (Monsanto - 28 ,Advanta 31 ,JK Agri in loss)
      9)  It is virtually a debt free company
     10)  Most importantly , Kaveri  is not a much publicized stock
            and many from investor  fraternity including analysts and
            business channels have  not celebrates it so far

The above are some of the points in favour of Kaveri Seed  ,
the fact that its 90% income is coming from June qtr alone and the
of this qtr is going to publish within 20 days ,even at current price it is a
BUY and hold to grow with it  ,and not a stock to Buy today and sell
tomorrow or day after tomorrow. One negative point is , Monsoon and
weather condition have great influence in its business  and which can’t
be   controlled by anyone other than god.



  1. Really amazing one ,This is a company have scope to grow like Jain Irrigation in future

  2. dear sir
    your advices are real gems.

    I want to invest as per your recomendations.

    what is your view about the following stocks
    -state bank of travencore
    -maithan alloys
    -shriram transport finance
    -era infra
    -sabero organics
    -fortis healthcare
    -titagrah wagon
    -mic electronics

    I am holding few of these stocks apart from your recomendations and want to invest in other stocks.
    I need to sell these stocks to buy new stocks as per your recomendation.

    kindly advice can i hold the above stocks.

  3. R u seeling your reserch to some one ?? or you are buying rom them.. this script was suggested as value pick from a reserch based company

  4. Dear Friend
    I am currently neither selling nor buying research reports, but reading lot of them.I think it is very difficult to find a single company not covered or commented by at least one research house/person.Anyway ,I am very much interested to know as much as info about this company.So please forward the said report to my e-mail or just mention the name of research house which covered Kaveri Seed company recently as u mentioned.Thanks in advance.



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