Monday, July 19, 2010


We are seeing lot of advertisements of FCS software  in
business channels like CNBC in these days claiming its
glory and  expansion plans.This is increasing the confidence
of retailers and they are buying in bulk with very big dreams.
But what is really happening through the other side is really
alarming .Promoters are offloading their holding in open market
on a daily basis . But they are very smart  and it seems that the
major sellers are absent in last half an hour to get a higher closing
rate(closing rate is calculated on the basis of Weighted average of
last half an hour only) and continue their selling on the next day.
Have a look at the latest sale figure of its Main promoter
cum MD cum Chairman Mr Dalip Kumar  in open market.

Date of Sale                      Qty Sold

3 June 2010                       5000000     (Fifty Lac)

6 July 2010                        5000000      (Fifty Lac)

14 July 2010                      10000000   (One Crore)

15 July 2010                      15000000    (1.5 Crore)

Now everybody knows the reason of daily advertisement
through business channels . If everything claimed by company
are true ,what is the meaning of these huge sell figures of the
promoter ???? .So take utmost care while buying shares
of companies giving unnecessary
advertisements and  announcements through channels.
If more companies following this trend ,it is better to
considering  a buy of  the shares of companies running
business channels ,since they are the only beneficiaries
other than promoters of these type fraud companies.


  1. excellent findings... ValuePick I never believe on what others say on their blogs or what analysts utter out on CNBC... most of the times shares go the other way... I am reading your blogs for quite a while now and must say that your blogs are based on some true research and logical thinking and retail investors can earn handsome money if they invest in the stocks from ValuePicks... :) Thanks and keep blogging


  2. FCS also cheated consulting firms :

    Here is the details of the companies cheating all the software consulting companies...dont belive these companies...they wont give the payment ...

    Amardeep Singh
    Sales Manager
    Puresoft Inc.
    San Jose, CA-95134., San Jose, CA-95134.
    Phone: 408-324-0436 x 830
    Fax: 408-324-1114
    mail id:;

    Sr. Regional Manager - Pankaj Gupta (Ph: 408-324-0436 x 267)
    Email :

    Gurpreet Baidwan
    Technical Resource Specialist
    FCS Software Solutions Ltd.
    2880 Zanker Road, Suite 208
    San Jose, CA 95134
    Phone # 800-566-4604 xtn 826
    Fax # 978-389-8360

    These both companies in the same address... having same numbers... they will change the companies names every 6months... bcoz... every 6months they will cheat new people with new requirements.


    THanks a ton for valuepick sir :)

  3. Dear Value Pick,

    Do you think PSL Ltd can give good returns going forward ??

  4. Dear Mahesh
    Thanks for the info.

  5. Dear Mitz
    PSL is good for conservative investors



  8. Hey Value pick
    Pls use your large following to spread the word about the great con job being pulled off in Minal engineering
    the following sebi links and the absurd share price rise shld convince you

  9. hay valu-pick
    thanks for your cal cosmo ferrti
    but thare are in selling presar
    what resion ?????

  10. Can we define a .55 ps down in a bad market with below average volume as selling pressure ?

  11. Hi Value pick,

    I noted all the concerns you raised for FCS. However, looking at the P&L & balance sheet and the kind of money FCS has raised through the GDR (192 Crs), the depository bank for which was Deutche Bank, it is hard to believe that the company will falter.

    At this point, company is advertising to gain some market for their services even in India. ALmost 21% of there revenue comes from Infrastructure & making the presence felt through corporate add, would be a good strategy to make the presence felt. Infr sector is growing and with the kind of money FCS is having at this point, it is get some good projects.

    Comming to the other key areas the company operates in i.e., the the comany is on a hiring spree. I took some cues from the jobs posted by FCS on various job portals for ppl with skill suiting IT industry. All this devlopments are hinting some good growth opportunity lying ahead.

    I see FCS making new highs post third quarter results.

    Also, the management has talked abt some take overs of small mobile application companies.

    It will take little time for the new investments the company (FCS) is making to realise profits. It's been just 4-5 months that the company has got the freh funds thru the GDR.

    I got all the info from various websites n all trust worthy.

    I request you to please spend some time and analyse the stock more deeply and get back wid ur thoughts on FCS, would love to hear from u, thanks..n as usual I will continue followin ur blog..


  12. hi sir i have been going through your blog its great to see ur research -- can u just giv us information abt j.p. associates is it a buy at cmp?


  13. something is being cooked in fcs.
    thats why the prices are being manupulated so that after the cooking is over more profit can be booked

  14. Sorry Mr K ,There is no changes in my negative views on FCS Software

    All the best

  15. FCS Software Solutions is the biggest fraud company. Everyone working for this company are thugs. They are worst than theifs. They do not pay the companies for the last few invoices and must be cheating in the stock market too. Be aware of this company.

  16. Mr. K, you must be Dalip Kumar trying to cheat people again with your stupid favourabvle comments about FCS. Go to google and type "FCS Software Solutions Fraud" and you will get enough negative shit about your company.

  17. FCS, Ace Technologies, Econosoft, Puresoft all are started by the Dalip and there are quite a few thugs from his own family and friends are managing the biggest fraud company in the software world. They do not know A,B,C of anything except for placement of consultants from other companies and cheat them for large amounts. In no other modern country they could survive, except from India. They operate from India and cheat in USA. Anil Sharma is a shameless old bugger that works for this company as CFO and got no clue of the responsibilities. Either they will be shot dead or behind bars one of these days

  18. If you want to more complaints about FCS Software Solutions check the following links:

    They must be shut down

  19. I totally agree that FCS software is not a trustworthy company to invest.Though it boasts of having a major chunk investment in IT but so far never heard or atleast observed any software deal being awarded to them through any source.
    It seems that company has registered on Indian stock exchange through some manipulation and just playing with investors money.I request SEBI to investigate on FCS and similar companies.

  20. If Mr. Dalip Kumar sold out major part of his shares at Rs. 3.00+ and now buying back using his nominess at current levels, is there any way to bring it to light?



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