Monday, July 26, 2010


 Below is the comparative figures with last year same qtr:

                             JUNE QTR 2010        JUNE QTR 2009

TURNOVER           5.83 Cr                    3.26 Cr

NET PROFIT         60 Lakhs                  26 Lakhs

EPS                        .96                          .42

Company is small in size ,but growing steadily over many qtrs .


  1. I holds considerable shares of Cenlub due to its strong fundamentals, but there is a hidden greed in promoters' mind they having 36 percent of stake enjoying their families lives through this compnay, if you go through company history, there is no dividend paid since its inception, although company is in profit from the very second year of its inception. Simply I can say that the business families like these promotors are cheating other investors. There are many companies like this one for example Jay Ushin Ltd. from Haryana, if some one go through their financial statements and dividend payouts, one will find surprising truth.

  2. these are type of companies that go on multiple circutes once a year. looking at charts downside from 20 looks limited. although it is illliquid counter.

  3. I hold the stock of this company given as payouts and now when try to transfer or dmat it they send it back saying the signature not matching!!

  4. Cenlub will reward the patient investors as its reserves are increasing .They'll pay dividents by next year



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