Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Many times in the past, I  warned my readers about investing in companies with suspicious management .This is proved by the recent announcement of CONCURRENT INDIA INFRASTRUCTURE .Today the company in a filing to BSE declared that they have decided to withdraw from all major projects announced earlier. THIS IS A CLEAR CASE OF CHEATING POOR RETAIL INVESTORS AND THE AUTHORITIES SHOULD TAKE STRICT ACTION AGAINST THE PROMOTERS AND OPERATORS PLAYED BEHIND IT. 

Hope nobody trapped in this counter and once more urging everyone to make due diligence about the management before investing in any company especially small and mid caps .Companies with good management may move only based on their financial performance but chances are rare to loose your shirt in such counters.At current market price of Rs.21/-,just sell and run.


  1. Dear Value pick sir,

    I always found of your such wake up call and ground reality lessons for all of us :)

    Me not holding single share, because it has Noise and no signal :)

  2. dear value pick, i'm holding 100 shares at 27 rs per share price... but i guess i've to sell it nw....

  3. Dear Valuepick,

    Thanks for updating on this news. I know this counter when it was trading at Rs.10/- If you know Arun (The stock Guru) who has number times asked investors to invest in this stock, telling that he knows the CEO who is very dynamic and within few months bagged many orders. Even I tempted to ride this bus but then I smelled something fishy so dropped the idea.
    But once again thanks on educating all users.

  4. Dear valupick,

    I entered in this counter @21 and after seeing your warnings i exited @33.Its really grt help from you.Thanks once again .Long Live VP.

  5. SirJi,

    Please provide more highlights on Superhouse.

    Thanks Sirji,

  6. sir g,
    pls guide me i have 500 FMGOTEZ at 152 n roman tarmat ipo what sud i do now...naveen

  7. Dear Naveen

    Sorry,not tracking both

  8. value sir
    should we buy bartronics at current level??
    ur suggestions regarding dis..



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