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Timex Group is one of the largest watch makers in the world
Its Indian arm TIMEX GROUP INDIA started its operations
in 1992 in  association with TATA group ,but later part their
ways and now working  independently. For the past many
years company was struggling to exist ,but now it showing
some signs of recovery. Company  wiped off all accumulated
losses and coming back to growth path after changing its entire
strategy. Now company is selling its brands TIMEX,
Etc through retailers and its own show rooms named ‘THE
TIME FACTORY’ .In the beginning of this year  , Mr Kapil
Kapoor from India has appointed as the COO of  Timex
Group’s worldwide operations . He is well experienced and
earlier with Nestle and Bausch & Lomb. After his appointment
as global COO, the Indian arm is enjoying more flexibility and
showing real improvement in all aspects. Now the company is
aggressively chalking out plans to capturing market share and
reducing costs. Currently company concentrating in price range
between Rs 500 and Rs 5,000 and claiming a market share of
21 % in this category. Company is now seriously thinking about
re-positioning its brands in other price category too. There is
also fair chance for brand extension to other lifestyle products
going forward. In first qtr  June 2010 ,sales grew 45 per cent,
while profits grew 107 per cent over the corresponding period.
Company posted a NP of Rs.5 Cr in this qtr where in last
FULL YEAR  it posted Rs.4.6 Cr only .Company having an
equity base close to 10 Cr  ,out of this almost 75% held by the
foreign entity. In order to clean up  the balance sheet ,company
reduced its FV to Rs.1/- and write off the balance earlier.
Considering the renewed interest of the management and
aggressive steps taken in recent past ,it is expected to perform
well going forward. But one should consider the fact that the
share price has run up sharply after the declaration of June
qtr result and now trading around its 52 week high .
One should keep watching and enter in a correction .
Currently it is trading around Rs.46/-


  1. it is very unfortunate that some people are commenting on valuepick without seeing his depth of analysis and his review of recommendations even after they fall ( presently so many paid analysts are boasting their successful scrips only and they never bother to review the failed scrips ). in case of valuepick he is reviewing periodically all of his recommended scrips. even if he earns money with this, what is wrong ? he is giving enough scope to small investors to take positions through his research and study. i appreciate valuepick 100%.

  2. To add to this -
    he could easily have massive gains just by research and investing his own money.
    To keep a blog and sharing his reward with other small investors is really commendable.
    One should always remember that its a persons own money and he and only he is responsible for it be it a gain or loss.
    To listen to tips or to blogs is entirely individual preference and to listen to this blog is also individual decision.


  3. I am fully supporting valuepick.Whether he is making money or not ,he is recomending only good scrips

  4. Iam Also wholeheartely supporting Valuepicek for
    increditable service to investor community

  5. Hi Valuepick,
    Need your suggestion. I have come across one undervalued business/stock.
    Need you opinion on it.
    Its - Media-Caps 523144
    My views on it

    +ve points - Second largest manufacturer of gelatin capsules, so in never dying business of medicine.
    - Absolutely ZERO DEBT
    - Has 38 cr. in debt MF
    - CMP = 1/2 BV
    - Low Equity
    - No MFs/FIIs - Relatively unknown stock.
    - Plans for expansion.

    -ve points
    - Low entry barrier
    - Any major advances in drug delivery system may make capsules obsolete.
    - No buy-back at this value.

    Need your valuable opinion.
    With Regards,

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oops! Its Medi-Caps and not Media-caps.

  8. Dear Vikas

    Company's from this industry is enjoying low P/E traditionally(look at natural capsules).One prob of Medi Caps is ,for the past many years its topline is really stagnant and not showing any growth. Earlier in 2006 ,it was a darling of operators and the same may repeat in future .

  9. Timex is on aggressive growth plan and in this coming festive season sales to pickup.

    Company is expanding their network and it plans to cater to other countries and make India a manu hub.
    Ety is also less and seems like good days are ahead.
    Good value buy and a potential multibagger in long term.

  10. Valuepick,
    Pls can you give some update on this company as we nearing festive season in couple weeks and how does the company look going forward and any expansion plans?

  11. this is my first comment on your blog, u r simply amazing . its unbelievable to find someone sharing his info - that too very useful - unlike our tv commentators - buy and sell forget abt the business model etc



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