Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Earlier I have recommended an AVOID on Sturdy Industries mainly because of my Skepticism on the management of this company.Today they have informed BSE that the company dropped their plans to issue

preferential allotment of warrants to promoter and non promoter category. Just before this ,company announced an allotment of preferential warrants to some FII's and later cancelled this decision too. Hope the promoters and related parties offloaded maximum shares after announcing such positive development to poor retailers . These types of promoters are many in our market .SO BEWARE...


  1. value
    here are somecompanies that deserve to be in your valueji "fraudex2010"
    Kng industries a billion dollar fraud
    Minal enginerring small time but ingenous fraud
    mavens bio got to thnak you for warning me about that trap
    cranes software not sure its fraud or a genuine debt trap
    prajay engineers they "lost" all documents on their biggest project
    concurrent infra
    and plenty more that dont come to mind off hand

  2. Hi valuepick,

    what is ur view on kavveri telecom.. its very much undervalued & having good orderbook.

    sudhir raj

  3. Dear Sudhir

    Kaveri Telecom already covered here

  4. any view on kamanwala,vijayshanti buider and nitesh real estate
    all are looking good at cmp
    what is your views

  5. Sell Sturdy Industries Ltd - Hyderabad industries ltd had just ended the lease deed for taking over of a fiber cement sheets manufacturing facility situated at Saidpura, Dora Bassi, Punjab dated 6th Sep 2010,as director of Sturdy Industries Ltd was cheating or befooling the Hyderabad Industries Ltd

  6. you told us to avoid , look at sturdy now more than 50percent rise from your sell rate of 5rs , what is ur explanation now , i lost my profit bcoz of uuuuuuuu

  7. it's a insider trading going on nothing else...they r big time cheaters

  8. Sturdy was strongly recommended by HBJ capital and they written very high about the comapny management and company future plans. Let's see what happens in future but as on now it is giving profit. As on today, I am gettig aroun 37% profit.


    Total numbers of shares sold = 59,36,200 shares to the operators by family members of statutory auditor of the company Mr. Sanjay Jain (C.A) belonging to the category: "Promoter and Promoter Group"as per September 2010.

    The total numbers of shareholders in the "Promoter and Promoter Group" has increased from 24 to 28. If you carefully check the list their are few names like Amit Gupta, Dinesh Kumar, Ritu Gupta, Vinod Kumar, Om Prakah Gupta and M/s Alpine cap ser ltd had just divided their shares in order to increase the no of shareholders which was decreased as family members of Mr. Sanjay Jain (C.A) had sold all their sales.

    Investors beware: Operators now just manipulating the shares in order so that they can exit by floating all the shares they had.

  10. What happened to HBJ's Sturdy recommendation? .Now it is trading around Rs. 3 /-



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