Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have recommended a BUY on Orchid Chemicals @ Rs.161/-.Currently it is trading @Rs.232 .Long term investors can still HOLD and short-medium term investors may book partial profit at current level.
Old Reports can be accessed below:




  1. Hi Value Pick,

    Any views on jagsonpal pharma ?

  2. you are one of those stock pickers for whose appreciation words are not enough . i pray god that you continue to post in your blog to help the small investors and keep alive that magic word called " Oracle" you are a true "Oracle"

  3. dear valuepick sir, what's your opinion on pioneer invest corp? will it be a multibagger? you have mentioned ti in march 2010. no more updates from your side. kindly update your view sir

  4. please update on sumeet industries also, last you mentioned some issues with management, but results are very good i suppose, and they are looking for more expansions.

  5. Dear Shank

    Sorry ,Not tracking Jagsonpal pharma

  6. Dear zendeel
    PINC is a good one,but this sector is expected to underperform in near future.So consider it,if you are a long term investor.

  7. hello value pick ji....
    wht is ur call on sumeet ind. ...its mgmt is expecting EPS of 10 rs for F.y 10-11. so it could be at least 70-80 range on 1 yr fwrd Earning at 7-8 PE.

    wht did u think sir.

  8. Dear Valueji,

    Your comments on Orchid was like a prophecy! It has crossed 275. Now where is it going?
    Do you think that it is going to face a fall? Or will it cross 300? Waiting for your reply to sell my holding.
    Pleas reply.

    Neeraj Sharma.

  9. Value Sir,

    Are you in touch with Orchid people?
    Are you operating on their behalf?
    We all know that current worth of that counter is much low. Where are you speculating on that?
    Do you think that these type of gambling is good for small retail investors?
    Such a fancy run, it is the small investors always loose money. Pleas give a prudent advise toinnocent guys who are following your Blog.


  10. Dear Neeraj

    The sharp spike in Orchid may be due to the unconfirmed report of the takeover attempt by 'HOSPIRA'. Even without such a chance , I feel long term investors can hold it.There may be profit booking in between as usual

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  12. Dear Friend
    If you feels that the current worth of Orchid is much below ,then just sell it

  13. Valueji,

    How can you, the self procclaimed Messaiah of small investors take such an indifferent stand? You promise to help small retal investors and now working for big operators?It is double standard yar! We never expected such a thing form you. Ultimately you showed that you too are not different; just to make money for you; and you alone! It is some kind of letting down.
    wish you al the best in such future works too.
    Poor fellows who follow you will be again cheated by you.

  14. Rajesh,
    Don't attribute such mean comments to Valueji.
    You just read his disclaimer!
    He only says about his opinion, based on his research and trying to share with all of us. If he is greedy why should he share it with us? He could have made all money for himself. Anyway I got good returns from Orchid by exiting at 270. I am sure there will be profit booking in this counter shortly and I am bearish on this for next week.Monday I would like to short sell it.
    Thanx to valueji.

    Raghav Dixit,
    New Delhi.

  15. My Dear Friend

    Don't forget that to make money from stock market,retail investors have some duties too(studying the co..etc) and not only just acting on the recommendation of someone -including me. After doing that ,if you are finding something wrong ,do accordingly.Anyway it is really funny to see that this time curse is for raising share price where it was for crashing in the case of JK Agri.I think ,even fools will not believe a single person can create this much volume whichhappened on friday in orchid counter.

  16. Dear Mr Rajesh
    I could not understand what your real problem is and why you are shouting ???.Earlier I have recommended a BUY on Orchid Chem @ Rs.160/- and again I requested the long term investors to HOLD it and short - medium term investors to book partial profit @ Rs.231/- .Now it is trading @ Rs.270/-level.Then please clarify - what is the real problem with you ??.Everybody made money in this scrip but again you are shouting !!!!!

  17. Dear Rajesh,

    This is too much!
    VPji is trying to help us.
    What is your problem?
    You don't value anything valuable when you got it free; that is your problem,

    Dear Value Pickji,
    Don't you remember I was telling you to move to web site and charge reasonably for your intellectual work. When you give everything free many undeserving guys feel that they deserve more. These guys don't hesitate to pay high fees for any rubbish paid services! That is Indian mentality. Why should you suffer such ingenuine guys? It is high time to move over to your own pay site.

    Hope you understand.


    Neeraj Sharma.



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