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Superhouse Ltd is the flagship company of
superhouse group which is one of the largest
exporters of finished leather from India.
Company is supplying products to major
global brands like Tuff Tusker,Heckle,
Bulwark,Stabilus ,Secura,
Schutz ,Hauf ,HKS ,Globex, and EWS .
Apart from this company is selling its  two
brands  in India ‘Allen Cooper ‘ and
‘Double Duty’ through company owned
Allen Cooper shops. Company have six
subsidiaries -  M/s Superhouse (UK) Limited, 
 M/s  Superhouse (USA) International Inc,
M/s  Superhouse  Middle East FZC,
M/s Superhouse R.O. S.R.L.,Super House
HK  Limited ,M/s Superhouse R.O. S.R.L.
and Super House Canada  Inc.Superhouse group
 having 15 manufacturing units across India and
an annual turnover of Rs. 4,000 million .
Historically companies from this industry
commanding low valuation in Indian Stock
Market. But recent changes in export incentives
are expected to boost the performance of
companies from this sector and trigger for
a re-rating in this sector.In the last financial
year company posted a turnover of Rs.358 Cr
and a net profit of  Rs.14 Cr .On an equity base
of 11.4 Cr EPS was Rs.13.25/- .For the june qtr
of this FY company posted NP of Rs.3.48 Cr v/s
Rs.2.54 Cr.It is currenly trading with  a P/E ratio
of 4.6 on last full year EPS . At CMP of just Rs.62/-
it is a real valuepick


  1. Hi Valuepick

    I like your recommendations very much,because the stocks you have recommended are gradually moving up to higher levels because they are fundamentally good stocks.In the case of many other recommendations from various sources ,stocks will move up immediately after the recommendation and crashed later .Your blog is very helpful for genuine investors and not for those who expect to make money in one or two days.Continue your good work.

    R.K Jain

  2. Hi ValuePick,
    I just wonder how you manage one value pick per day.
    I have to almost spend a week to get one undervalued company.
    How do you do this amazing work in just one day.


  3. dear sir,
    one thing i cannot understand why some companies, even after declaring good resultls year after year do not bother to declare dividend like sujana universal ( pe ratio 6.4 and book value 38). what the promoters are gaining through this strategy ?
    pl clarify

  4. Hello Sir,

    Your pick Vimal Oils is not performing as per expectations. Is this really a good company to invest. Request you to post comments again.


  5. Dear Gopi

    One should be careful about the companies u have mentioned .If a company is showing very good result and without any reason (like expansion )they are not giving anything to share holders - in 99% cases, such results are fabricated and only existing in paper ,without any real cash flow.

  6. Dear Anonymous

    Please ignore this blog ,this is not for multiplying money in just one week.

  7. I have this stock for longterm :)




  9. Betweem Mirza international and Superhouse -- which one is better pick and why. I have investment in Mirza international but not sure if to switch over to Superhouse.

  10. valuepick, why you always select a low liquid counter ..I think you are the one who is speculating and making money in short buy before the recommendation becuse the volume is always high on the day before the recommendation, ok take this case yesterday close volume is 27000 whereas the avg qty stands at 18k..this is the case of almost all the stocks which you have mentioned.

    Sorry are the one who is making money based on the innocent investor. Shame on you!! one day you are going to suffer dats for sure!!

  11. Dear Anonymous,

    You should be ashamed of yourself of criticizing people who come up with good stock ideas which has a strong possibility of becoming multibaggers.
    And boss whatever your name is...don't hide behind names like 'Anonymous' and show enough courage to criticize in open.

    So has you have anyways proved that you are just a useless piece of shit better don't visit this site and criticize people who are guiding small investors selflessly.


  12. asshole vikas!! are you chella of valuepick or you are also involved in this or your a newbaby in the market dont knw much,thinking all the scrip mentioned are multibagger!! its hold true only for bull run and when bear run starts you will be the first one to critise. Its not easy to earn money in the market!! you have not aswered my query that whay the volumes are always more than the particular day off recommendation of buy..i think you too are involed or the same guy is replying with different ids..ohh whether i not spoiling your business value pick!!

  13. Dear Anonymous
    I hope you are the same persons commented for JK agrigenetics about one month back when there is a crash in its share price after few days of my recommendation. use the following link to read the same .(comment No.3 onwards and read my reply addressing Mr.-Neeraj)

    I have replied for the same there and everybody know what happened thereafter for that scrip from Rs.170/-.

    I believe ,nobody reading this blog is fool to believe that each and every scrip mentioned here will run up alike in a bull and bear market.But I am sure good scrips will out perform in any market (may not run up in bear market but will correct less in percentage terms).I believe most of the investors are aware about that -not only you.

  14. Dear valuepick,
    Super house made a wonderful profit in Q2PHASE 2009 AND HENCE IT IS SURE THEY CANT COUNTER THAT Rs.4.64 crores n.p of sep-09 result.Hence A CORRECTION IS likely to happen .can we wait...THEIR DEC AND MARCH10 Results are also comparatively well.So a huge growth may not be expected.It is my view only--I like to hear ur words on this aspect

  15. to whomsoever it may b concerned,
    if u think value pick is an operator/cheat, just get lost , no need to read his blog , he isnt forcing anybody to read it ..

    Sanam Jain

  16. I am also agree with anonymous that valuepick is cheater. And I am 100% sure that many posts like " THANK YOU, GOOD WORK, CHEERS" are valuepick is writing himself with other diff diff ids. I am a broker and I know everything about market so i can surely say that valuepick is operating stocks and making money by cheating small innocent investors. And stock prices are not crashing quickly because everyone not visiting this blog at the same time so slowly slowly buying comes for 1-2days and valuepick is recomending to buy and hold so person who will buy will not sell on the same day or week so stocks are not coming down quickly.

  17. Dear Hanif

    Happy to hear that even some brokers are visiting my blog .If you know everything about market as you have mentioned ,please share your views which will help many other readers to benefit. I am short of time for arguments and counter arguments,but I believe that if a company is growing- eventually it will get better valuation even if there is any criticism and if a company is bad ,no operator can save it by writing anywhere.If you spend time to find out pros and cons of scrips recommended here and share it with us ,that will be more beneficial to others too, rather than finding time to criticize me.

  18. hi all
    ive been reading value picks tips and find them very good.I dont think its fair to us investors to demotivate him like this.high time people stopped criticising ..nobody is forcing you to take him up on his recos

  19. hi everybody
    if u read reports value pick never uses intense words like most operators like " grab now ,big move expected target- ambitious etc". every report has pros as well as cons and also has word of caution. u just cant blame him.

  20. Hi Valuepick,
    I am Neeraj. Don't you remember that I told you earlier that anything given free of cost is not valued in our country; not only here but anywhere in the world. Why should you hear all their criticism after burning your midnight oil to do research, and having the magnanimity to share it with small investors. Boss it is high time to make it a paid service; but ensure that it is charged reasonably. The thugs and cheats won't like transparent persons like you! They may try to dishearten you. Don't get frustrated.These fellows will neither share with small investors nor they allw people like you to educate small investors! Then they will loose their hold.
    So keep it up. Move over to a reasonably paid service.

    Best of luck for the same.
    Neeraj Sharma.

  21. Dear Neeraj

    Thanks a lot for your kind words.Pls mail to me.


  22. thanks for reply Valupick!! i think somewhat i have spoiled your business isn't it??
    From last few days you are coming up with genuine research without any speculation ..good work carry on, i am sure it wont last long.
    the link which you are referring

    Same person Neeraj has left 2 comments there!! and now positive reply g8t..whether he has joined your club..Or you are the one forgot to write frm different Ids. Its good you do it, its a fact accept it but be in a limit that i should be disclosed after all retail investor are not fool..consider your 10 pick and out of those 9 pick has greater volumes than the average volume when you have given a buy call and there are other factor too which make me more firm that you are playing ..I leave it you to consider that and make it within the limit..

  23. What business man ?, I am not a fool to think that ,by writing a blog one can make some movement in a stock market like India.Just trying to invite attention to some unknown companies.Don't think i am that much cheap to write from different id's .Since I am not a follower of technical analysis I am really not bothered about volume.In the past, I have recommended stocks like Sangal Paper,Raghav Industries,Tasty Bite ..etc where volume was few hundred stocks and also stocks like JSW Energy,Adani Power ..etc where volume is very huge.Why I am recommending low volume scrips ? . High volume scrips are already identified by market and there is less chance to get above average return. when more and more people identify such scrips ,volume will generally increase and early investors will benefit . So I believe ,volume is not the prime factor for true investor and it may be important to day traders and short term players.If company is performing well volume will automatically generated in future .

  24. thanks valuepick for the reply..but i m still not convinced. Anyway leave the topic and carry on your good work. Best of luck.

  25. dear sir

    kindly advice me on one of the stock recommended by you Techtran polylenses, price when recommended was 23 not it is 20, having a strong support. Is it still a buy,but the prices havent changed much from the recommended price any reason pls advice can i buy for long term.

    Thanks very much.

  26. nice reply valuepick ji :-), hehe , he was asking you whether to book loss after seeing your recommendation for buy!! What a PJ it was haha

  27. hmm..nice volume , good profit booking,came down from 70 keep it up

  28. what is the present position of superhouse,may i invest at present rate

  29. Hi sir,
    Thank you for your value pick liberty shoe.
    Its rocking.

  30. For what said and done there is always a unusual volume movement in the counters you mention before and after the date of your RECCO. So there is always a chance of vested interest playing fully but it is for the people who read this blog to decide with some sense, but the herd mentality of the followers may even a
    Allow anybody to manipulate the counters you mention recent example Adian granito, dion global capital first

    1. Why you feel all these stocks are manipulated ?

  31. I feel manipulation can happen just one example excel ind two days upper circuit two days lower cicuit sudden spurt in volume some body with vested interest and timing of your RECCO could always can help the swing and mint money I don't know for sure it could be you also



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